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    I just registered... Here are a few photographs.

    welcome and WOW nice work like it alot
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    My car and a sunset (in the same picture)

    the only time i take sunsset shots is if there is clouds
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    Whitefish Sunset

    nice shot very beautiful!!!
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    As promised: The BMW Z8

    OMG where did you see one of those i sooooo want that car!!!
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    Neighbour's cat

    welcome!!! i'm begining to think i may have just gotten the g5 and not the 300d rebel nice pic and that's an amazing blue sky in the shot no editing eh? nice work
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    Jerusalem Mills

    nice shot but a tad dark i like the comp tho
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    ISO6400 with the D70

    WOW not too bad leave the shutter open a bit more may get to absorb more light and lessen the grain pretty model too :D
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    Redwood Forest

    out of my family's summer trips i think the National Redwood Forrest was my fav i hope to go back one day and stay for a while koool pic
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    Crumpled Heart

    i don't get it j/k beautiful is all i can say
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    tonight's moon

    so all i need is a 300mm lens and i can get that close to the moon then add the camera to my dads 8" telescope and i'll be able to see the rest of my family on the moon saweeeeeeeet great shot a bit fuzzy but kool
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    agreed kool shot but a little fuzzy on the right side
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    Boo Rainbow

    every seen a double rainbow? we were at my granddad's ranch and it was raining off in the distance and right above his neighbors(3/4 of a miles away) you could see 2 rainbows but i haven't seen any lately around here must be running out of gold
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    Civil War

    great pix but they seem a bit too much in focus and i know it's hard to get only certain things in focus with new camera but this are nice
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    comfy, are we?

    he's like my cat can't sleep anywhere has to sleep on a some of my clothes or something of mine great pix thanks for the laughs
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    Snake River

    awesome/beautiful pic and place ahhh man my parents were just there i wish my dad would have known how to use my a80 and he could have gotten me some awesome shots i miss that place we went there when i was probably 14 or so and we stayed at Jackson Hole at The Spotted Horse Ranch...