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    Starter Macro lens help

    hey all, Trying to get some advice on what macro lens to start out with? I shoot with Nikon d7100... Any advice would be helpful!
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    iPhone app not working

    Anyone getting this error when trying to access the forum thru the app? I been getting for a long time now... Tried redownlading also... Anyone know hown to fix it?
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    Water reflections for C&C

    Thanks lhug143... I used my kit lens on these at 18mm, ISO-800, 1/100, F5.6 Thanks!
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    New York City Shots on the Rivers... Let me know any thoughts..

    I went out on a excursion on the rivers of NYC last week... Here are some of my favorites shots from the outing... Image 1 - F-Stop 11; Shutter Speed 160; ISO-100; Focal Length 10mm Image 2 - F-Stop 6.3; Shutter Speed 500; ISO-100; Focal Length 150mm Image 3 - F-Stop 22...
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    Moon shot

    Thanks.. shot it at 5.6 with a shutter speed of 200... ISO at 100...
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    Moon shot

    Went out to take a shot of the moon the other night.... here's the results.... Any thoughts or critiques are welcomed
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    Kid playing in the park..C&C always welcomed

    Thanks alot! I do have version of #2 cropped in, I just wanted to show two different view on the images in this post.
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    Shots from my walk thru the park... C&C always welcomed

    Thanks alot. There was ALOT more fog at this location but I drove past it to another location. Im lucky there was still some left when I got back. Thanks alot!