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    Ghost of Aprilraven

    Ha! I love it... this must've been before she put in her contact lens, right? Raven just pops up in the strangest places... very cool Chiller!
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    The Coven

    These are just great - and let me tell ya again how awesome it was to finally meet you!! Love the shot of Raven - she's haunting, isn't she? :D That second shot is just killer too! Great job!
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    Croc Hunter Dead

    Wow! Very well said! :thumbup:
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    Why hello there!

    I see everything's pretty much the same here - maybe a few new members and a lack of a few old members - but still the same. For those who want to know the truth, certain members did not join another forum b/c a couple of old members became moderators of another forum as someone here...
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    Thanks for all your comments... sorry it took so long to respond. :)
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    Thanks everyone. I took these at CitiVision camp in Ulster Park, NY. I guess it's about an hour or so away from NYC.
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    Share: nice collages

    I also prefer the second one... what a cute little girl! Very photogenic!
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    Golden Lion Tamarin

    thanks raven, trish & JTH!
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    Tropical Fish!

    nice shots... the third one is real cool
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    Through the Screen...

    how cool is that... that would make an awesome cross stitch!
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    Surfers Paradise

    Nice series... the first is my fav. Love the clouds in that second shot too.
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    Why Chewing Gum and playing ball dont mix...

    cool series... he looks like a real pro out there ;)
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    Cat Nap

    Cute kitty! I wish I was able to curl up and go to sleep like that... lol
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    Evening walk

    Nice shots... lovin the last one too!