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    I finally did it!

    Congrats, I should be ordering a new one myself soon :thumbup:
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    Cool shots, the depth of field is awesome on all of them :thumbup:
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    Night trails on highway (First attempt, odd story)

    I thought having some signs in the background would look good, but the car lights reflecting off of them kind of messed up what I was going for. I'll have to find a new spot to try next time without any signs that will cause poor reflection (whenever I get the courage to go back out).
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    Night trails on highway (First attempt, odd story)

    Thanks for the comments guys.
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    It's a long walk home

    Very cool shot, makes me wish I was back in Wyoming :)
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    The Alleyway

    Most definately #2. My imagination makes me think that the light could be an eclipse, something supernatural, or just anything out of the ordinary that alerts the subject that something's wrong. Not sure if I explained it well, but I really like it.
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    Still life - Chinese lanterns

    This is the type of picture I could see hung up in an art gallery or a house. Great job!
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    UF Campus...some of it

    GO NOLES! ;) I've never been to UF's campus before, looks very nice.
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    Night trails on highway (First attempt, odd story)

    Thanks Marcus :) Here's one of the first ones I tried at f/18 and 30 sec (unedited): And one at f/18, 25 sec (unedited):
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    Night trails on highway (First attempt, odd story)

    First attempt at night trails: EXIF: 76mm 8 sec f/13 ISO 100 I had some free time tonight so I figured I'd finally get myself out onto the highway and try taking some shots. After driving for a bit I found a nice spot that I thought would be good for capturing what I wanted, so I went off...
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    boss has a loaner for the day

    I really like them both, but I think you could've used a smaller aperture in the second one to get the entire emblem in focus. Cool car :thumbup:
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    Sharp pictures in lowlight- f1.8 and flash!!!

    Post some pictures with the EXIF data, that should help.
  13. Campbell contest

    I'm pretty sure I've heard that is a scam.
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    walk around town

    The red in the LED works perfectly with the pink in the sky :thumbup:
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    Untapped Power - Seeing Its Last Intact Days...

    I especially like 1-4. I don't know if its just must me but they seem to have a semi-HDR feel, which works very well for these types of shots. I also found 11 to be very interesting.