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    Please Critique My New Website!

    Amy, Welcome to TPF! I like the way you have the site laid out. It's very easy to navigate and the pages load fast. The only thing that stood out for me that I'd consider changing if it were my site (unless this was your intent), is that the name is just a plain font. Depending on how you...
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    Belfast industry :: Home of Titanic

    I'm a Titanic buff, so this was very interesting. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    I like 187, and 186 & 188 give a good view of how decrepit the place is. What was this place used for?
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    Another week gone by..

    Wow, you really captured some great moments! I like them all.
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    Amusing web site

    I'm presuming the images rotate after a certain amount of time, since I kept getting the same one, and yes, there was nudity. Strange concept.
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    Some (10) new macro shots

    I like #9 and #10 the best. They have character, especially the half-eaten daisy.
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    Pickin' Out The Good Ones

    I have to did you get her to lay down in the grass in that dress? They are both very nice shots.
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    COCKPITS! BOOBY-TRAPS!(56K warning)

    I like photos of abandoned asylums, too. These give you a good idea of the activities inside, and you can almost picture the people there. I especially like the last one, with the scroll saw (or drill press, can't quite tell).
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    The colors - red, yellow and black - are seen more than once in this photo, which I like. The bottle in the lower right matches with the bike and a patch. The red in the background matches the patches and the black adds to the richness of the colors. Nice.
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    First photo post :: Amber

    Your colors are so rich, and I really like the contrast, too, in your photos. The backgrounds are very interesting to look at and grab the eye without detracting from the subject matter too much.
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    Very nice! The contrast *is* good, as LaFoto mentioned. The keychain is a nice touch, too.
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    little switzerland

    I like #4 the best. I like how the newly fallen water just seems to skim the surface of the pool.
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    Random catpures while working

    I like the heron. He looks like he's giving a lecture from his perch. The planes against the clouds are very striking. All very nice.
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    Archives: August POTM Nomination thread!

    #1 from "If you're fond of sand dunes" by Archangel.
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    If your fond of sand dunes......... (IR)....>

    Arch, These are fantastic! The first one blew me away! Nice job!!! :)