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    One of my first 'Baby' shots

    Thanks for that :) Will try it and see what it looks like. Its only version 3
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    One of my first 'Baby' shots

    This is the original photo I took ......... Thanks Philip but as I said Lightroom is new to me ..... I dont usually edit photos to that extent but decided to give it a try as so many people I know are using it for their photos and seem to like it. I' always willing to try something new :)...
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    One of my first 'Baby' shots

    Baths of fire are fine with me Mully :) would rather have the honest truth than be mollycoddled and not get things right ..... I edited it with lightroom which is new to me tbh .... The rug is actually a cushion - they had just had their lunch and were playing so I just shot away (more practice...
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    One of my first 'Baby' shots

    I don't usually take photos of people - especially babies lol- I like to stick to animals, birds and flowers. But yesterday I decided to try and capture a few photos of my grandchildren with my 'new' camera - I say new as it is to me and I am still learning how to use it properly and what each...
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    Edit this photo!

    Thought I would have a go and hope you dont mind as your original is lovely anyway :)
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    welcome from another Noobie :)
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    Hello Everyone....

    welcome from another Noobie :)
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    Introduction and first photo

    nice to meet you from another Noobie :) Wonderful photo by the way :)
  10. Ruby - my youngest grandaugter

    Ruby - my youngest grandaugter

    A baby shot - one of my first :)
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    Hi Everyone

    Thanks everyone :) and not got a big house but sure we'll find a way lol
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    Row of birds

    Thanks for that advice and will try it next time Im there :)
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    Dancers lost in the Moment

    Thanks Fred :)
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    Dancers lost in the Moment

    you might know Glenn then - Glenn Walker Foster
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    Dancers lost in the Moment

    Yes he does as well as Richard Searling, Kev Roberts, Ginger Tayor and a load of others :) This was taken at the Blackpool Tower on 10th November :)