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    "Wow, you have a nice camera!"

    How new are you to showing your photos to these people? It took me couple of years to get past the "nice camera" comments. After my friends started seeing more and more of my photos, we got past those comments and into the realization that I may have a teensy bit of talent. I don't think the...
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    Are You Gay?

    We are in desperate need of more politically incorrect in this world.
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    New Camera Arrived

    They seem a tad bit underexposed to me. Other than that, looks like you picked yourself a dandy of a camera. Good colors too.
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    Shots in the forest .... what do ya think?

    Image tags. [ img ] image address goes here without the spaces and [ /img ] at the end.
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    '08 Subject Assignment - SELF PORTRAIT - Due Aug 1st

    I think that is what I am going to do tonight...
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    '08 Subject Assignment - SELF PORTRAIT - Due Aug 1st

    Yeah, that is the EXACT position I am in when I get my funniest looks... like your first photo there.... :lol:
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    '08 Subject Assignment - SELF PORTRAIT - Due Aug 1st

    Well, I appreciate that... but I am 40. I guess that is still pretty young though. Believe you me, she is my favorite subject to shoot and she gets plenty of it. Was a little odd for her to see the camera pointed at ME and not her. :lol: My favorite looks are when I am all bent over taking...
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    '08 Subject Assignment - SELF PORTRAIT - Due Aug 1st

    This is an actual smile because my wife walked in and caught me taking pictures of myself. It was pretty embarrassing. HAHAHAHA.
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    The most boring type of photo to look at, for me, is...

    Wow. A lot of people hate a lot of different types of photos. What do you LIKE? Should add that under your dislikes.
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    Can he tell me I'm NOT aloud to take pictures?

    There will be a time in this country, that people will be unable to take a photograph of anything without being stealthy and secretive.
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    Please help me pick out a gift for my photographer wife

    Get her this... you can't go wrong.
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    $1000/year for 1 photo!!?

    That video that was posted was pure awesomeness. I would like to link that in my signature, but the NSFW language in it might get me in a little trouble. I agree with the "$400,000.00 to open a franchise, but no $1,000.00 to pay for a photo" that will be used again and again and again and...
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    Found This Little Creature in the Yard..

    Non venomous... you didn't kill it did you?