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    Venus transit across the Sun. Won't happen again for 100 years.

    I think I got some great ones from today!
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    'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse

    Very jealous! We only got 85% coverage and no ring here in Socal. Some wonderful images! If it weren't for work obligations, I would have driven to a center spot myself!
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    Annular Eclipse from San Diego (some singles and big composite)

    I was getting some super sharp shots throughout the afternoon. Almost all the shots before the end were 1/8000, f/32, 400mm, ISO 100, and three stacked ND filters (0.3, 0.6, and 0.9). You could see sunspots and the waves from heat/atmosphere! By the end of the day, I was still shooting...
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    One of the reason I chose Nikon

    I chose Canon because my first DSLR happened to be a Rebel. They're as near as makes no difference in the real world. And there's really no sense in swapping brands once committed unless someone else is paying the bills. :thumbup:
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    Wondering: D7000 vs D800 vs D700

    Threads like this make me wonder why I ever stopped checking this forum! <3
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    For Sale: Canon 50D + Grip + 70-300mm IS USM lens

    Bumped up with a price drop. Hoping to move this thing to a new home!
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    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    It was actually a total afterthought. The movie Cast Away happen to be on TV while I was editing and I remembered from the DVD extras that for the night scenes, they actually shot them in the day time and used post process filtering to make it look like night. I did that at first and it looked...
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    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    Shot these of my friend the other day and did some editing of them. First one is the shot I wanted from the start: being shot through the scope of a sniper. I used an actual scope mounted on an airsoft rifle to get the shot; the only photoshop trickery comes from the crack and gun smoke. I...
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    Which wide angle lens is right for me? (zoom lens)

    The lighting style and blur is all natural (2 second exposure driving under street lights at night with sunroof open). The coloration is a simple series of gradiants, blending modes, and masking. I was trying to go for the original Fast and the Furious look. As far as standard zoom, I cannot...
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    Which wide angle lens is right for me? (zoom lens)

    EF-S 10-22mm is a great lens and one of my favorites. Very nice ability to capture quality wide shots on a crop sensor. However though, if you are looking for something a little more versatile in "normal" situations, you really can't go wrong with the 17-55mm 2.8 IS USM. It takes the best...
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    Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D... What to buy?

    ^ DXO Mark is probably one of the most useless tools for new DSLR buyers, IMO. The subtle differences between similarly classed cameras is mostly moot if you introduce any kind of post processing or downsizing. Which is likely the case for anyone not printing posters and billboards. More...
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    A new toy of mine.....

    Been playing with this one for about a month now. Being in California, you can't buy them from any FFL, only through Private Party Transfer or some form of DOJ exemption. Either way, it's a massive pain to get anything not on the CA DOJ "Safe Handgun" Roster (don't try to understand CA's gun...
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    A new toy of mine.....

    It's super easy. 5 pieces of foamcore board (think the stuff middle schoolers use to make presentations with), white duct tape, some clamp lamps, and bright lightbulbs (I use 150watt off-the shelf curly ones). Most of the stuff can be had at a Home Depot or Target/WalMart. The sides of two...