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    And the next shot is...

    From my first DSLR and the next shot is dance
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    Wild Horses (pic heavy)

    Great set! What an adventure!
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    Weekly Challenge 4/25 - 5/1 Bokehlicious

    Fuji XT-4, 90mm, f/5.0, 1/800, ISO 400 A little late shooting the dogwood tree. Too windy all week with rain.
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    Ben is adorable! I am partial to schnauzers
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    Very young Robin

    Very nice color and detail
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    A good day in the park.

    Yes a good day! Interesting porcupine in a tree.
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    Found A New Nest

    Great find and wonderful photo. Lucky that you have 4 nests nearby.
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    Long-billed Curlew

    Great set!
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    It's Apple Blossom time

    Great set! #1 is my favorite
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    My reluctant model

    I give my grands a chance to press the shutter button. I take their photo first and then it is their turn. Bribes work too ;)
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    Morning Walk by the River

    Looks inviting
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    Deserted Until Fall

    Looks like a good spot to enjoy the scenery