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  • Hey Anty...what up chicklette. Happy Canada day.!!!!!!!!! Carefull we dont offend anyone eh? Might end up in a snowball fight or something eh? can write on anyone's wall. Just go into someone's profile...everyone has one. :p They did a VBulletin's new!
    Cool. Never knew y'all had sompin like this here. Pretty cool tho. Guess we gotta add people and they can join?'s's a comment board, like they have on Myspace! (so it's not private, just so you know! :p )
    Hey Corry. How are ya. Hope things are well. Hmmm..this is something new. I wish I could come to Illinois today. Dang, I need a break from all the house renos, and stuff. Would love to make the trip down tho.
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