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    Help!! Fungus inside my Nikkor 18-105

    Bought a Dry Box ZhuHai HuiTong Machinery&Electronic./Ltd Its leaking air :( stupid China products!
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    Help!! Fungus inside my Nikkor 18-105

    UPDATE : Went to local Nikon service center. Got estimated for 63USD for complete disassemble/clean service. Paid another 60USD for a dry box with strap (Shoulder strap). My dreams of buying a D7000 is over :(....
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    Who says mobile phones are not digital still camera's?

    I'm not here to argue that my phone camera is better than my DSLR. But Nikon should remember that it is a photo competition! Photo's are digital images taken through light sent to a sensor through a set of lenses! I own a Cybershot DSC-W210 I bought in 2009, my galaxy S2 camera shoots far more...
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    Help!! Fungus inside my Nikkor 18-105

    I was playing around the camera and I found fungus on the front element behind the UV Filter. It was like a spider web forming! I managed to use my lens cleaning solution to get rid of it. I also microwaved the cloth afterwards to kill anything on it. Later I found :grumpy::grumpy: that the the...
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    Should I buy a flash next?

    Buy a flash + ND filters!
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    D5100 or D3200

    Nikon D3200 vs D5100 - Our Analysis <- This outta give you an idea. However, if your target is to print large photo's your better off with the 24mpix sensor (actually, the results above show its got tiny bit more noise than the 16mpix). From...
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    D5100 or D3200

    D5100 is good compared to D3200... Why would I recommend the D5100?? 1. Active D-lighting (Unless you plan to post images taken in the sun... trust me Active D-lighting is an ANGEL) 2. 1/3 ISO control 3. Flip out screen 4. More custom control
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    D5100: HDR keeps being disabled

    Go to custom settings menu -> F1 setting under "Controls" set the mode the HDR! So when ever you want HDR just press the button.... :) Enjoy the camera! I hate the 1/200 sync limit :(
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    Nikon and Auto FP Sync on D5100 (HSS)

    Is it because of a technical limitation that they do not have Auto FP Sync on the D5100 bodies nor the new D5200? or is it because they are just being an evil company? :hail:
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    Hot Pixels at ISO 6400

    In my D5100... I'm getting hot pixels (bright red) ones randomly in photo's. Is this normal? I notice only sometimes one. In SOME photo's... but its not in a fixed location.
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    Replacing the D5100 mirror

    Does replacing the D5100 mirror mean replacing the entire mirror box? :meh: FYI : My friend has dropped his camera down the stares... and the lens is in two peaces apparently. The focusing screen is missing apparently. He says the mirror has got scratched. Dying to get him to to take some...
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    Who says mobile phones are not digital still camera's?

    Ofcourse not! DSLR's are much better (I own a D5100, SB-900, P7000 etc). BUT that doesn't mean photo's taken with a good camera phone should be turned down from Nikon and its photo competitions! :grumpy: My photo's prove exactly that!
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    Who says mobile phones are not digital still camera's?

    Both of the above taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100). Screw the Nikon photo competition! EDIT: Btw, these are UNTOUCHED photo's from the phone.
  14. The end of a Yellow day

    The end of a Yellow day

    A sunset captured along the coast of Bambalapitiya, Sri Lanka. Captured using a Samsung GT-i9100