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    worlds lowest escalade

    the fourth one is a little tilted... but i was too lazy to fix it, :D
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    worlds lowest escalade

    matts escalade has a fully built LS1 in it and will move, the shop hand built the frame to handle the motor and suspension... and as far as the suspension, its on air ride and rides like a dream, and handles well
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    I got a new lens today-Tamron 17-50 2.8 here are a few pics

    not a bad lens, i just sold one 2 weeks ago
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    worlds lowest escalade

    shot it sunday evening
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    exotic cars

    went to a car show at a local Ferrari dealership, and heres a few i have done
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    my first skyline shot

    no sir... this is Houston, and im gonna go back and lighten it up! thanks for the imput!
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    (1) Rolling Shot Attempt

    very nice shot
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    downtown Houston

    it is actually a metal speed bump that was embedded into the ground thanks for the comments
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    downtown Houston

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    construction destruction

    thanks alot, i may go shoot it again today, thanks for the info
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    i dont have the best eye so it might be crooked... lol
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    i shot my buddies truck on a parking garage yesterday with a heavy overcast, i thought it came out good, C&C welcome
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    Hanna (3 shots)

    we actually shot the car as a feature for a dvd, and i liked the power lines in the photo and even if were to cut them out im lost since im a noob to photoshop cs3, lol here are more pics of the lincoln