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    Concert Photography - Critique Please!

    Wow, thank you!
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    Concert Photography - Critique Please!

    Thanks a million for the encouragement!
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    Couple from a recent family session

    I really like the expressions in the first photo, so I took a few minutes in Lightroom to crop and darken the background a bit for added focus on the couple. Admittedly I'm not a pro or anything, but I thought it would be as good practice for me as critique for you. :) Before After
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    When people say a pregnant woman is, "glowing," I imagine something like this!

    Number 3 is my favourite. I like the rich greenery behind her and the way it works with her pregnancy symbolically. Very nice.
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    Quick Headshot C&C

    Nice comfortable, natural expression. Great photo!
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    Concert Photography - Critique Please!

    In the realm of rock journalism I'm primarily a writer, although lately I've been shooting to accentuate my reviews and articles. I write for OnStage - Music news, concert photos and discussion, and I am a lot more confident in my writing than in my photographic skills. I could use...
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    Im Leah :D

    Welcome, Leah...I'm new and Canadian also. :)
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    Some Informal Park Shots of Son

    Thanks so much for the feedback, and thanks for the welcome on my first post. Yes I need to concentrate more on portrait orientation when taking these types of shots. I am going to check out the tutorials now. What a great forum.
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    Some Informal Park Shots of Son

    I'm brand new here but figured I'd just jump on in after my introductory post! I've been shooting like crazy since I got my Canon 60D last month, trying to get my chops up. I'm very new at this, so any and all advice/guidance is deeply appreciated. I went to the park with my son Russell today...
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    New Member from Eastern Canada

    Hello all, I'd like to say hi and introduce myself. I am a musician, teacher, and music writer by profession. I have recently taken up photography mainly to complement my concert reviews for OnStage Magazine (OnStage - Music news, concert photos and discussion). I've had my Canon...