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    Can you HELP me edit these photos? (2x)

    That works! Thank you for your time editing the photos. It means a lot.
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    Can you HELP me edit these photos? (2x)

    As in, "correct" or "bring these photos back to life". I guess I should have worded that a little more accurately
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    Can you HELP me edit these photos? (2x)

    Wow, what a great job. I really appreciate your time here. Thank you so much!
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    Can you HELP me edit these photos? (2x)

    Hi everyone, Not been on the forum for a while but hopefully I can rely on you to help me. I need to "sort" (edit) two old photos for an order of service document. The first needs the crack across it sorted and the second needs to clear oval taken away / sorted (caused from that part of the...
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    at the beach

    As above really. They are dark and have no main focus. Next time, try increasing your exposure slightly and ensure you have a central focus point for example a line of footprints or an object on the beach.
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    A guy with an early morning hod on

    Great photo. Nice story to go along with it too.
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    CC Point and Shoot

    Not to my preference if I'm honest.
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    My Son, Landon

    Like the others have said, slightly dark, but I think it suits it. Try upping the contrast SLIGHTLY (don't go over board as most do). Should help him pop out more.
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    what to charge?

    How longs the season / how many hours work would it be, included editing etc.. ?
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    A boy and his skateboard - C&C please

    Some of these could be great shots. But, you need to blur the background by making the aperture as large as possible. I.e. a small f stop will reduce the depth of field. Heres an example:
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    my first photo shoot!! C&C please!!!

    The photos in general are good. However, I think most should have a quieter background. Its too distracting. But otherwise, a good selection.
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    Canon 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D vs. Rebels

    Love my 50D wouldn't change it for a rebel.
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    New to Mac

    +1 to the shift tip. Also, don't use your desktop like you would on Windows. Keep it clean, use folders if you have to put things on the desktop. Apart from that, have fun ! By the way, I've made several OS X / Mac videos on youtube if your interested. Hope its okay to post the link ...
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    Post your best shot !

    " It was going so well until someone tried to draw traffic to their site! " For your information I didn't place the link simply to draw traffic to my site. I used that method simply because it allows people from this forum to see a selection of my best photos without me having to upload say 5...
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    Long Exposure Portraits?

    Another option is if they are skating along against a row or traffic then the traffic lights would be blurred as long as you kept the same speed and exact framing all the way through. Another option is to photoshop it.