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    Boy on rocks

    You're right on the exposure - I do tend to err on the side of too bright rather than too dark, thanks. I kinda like the crop you've done here, as well, although I'm still partial to the wider view. Makes him feel more independent, I guess.
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    Boy on rocks

    I've developed a serious love for old manual focus lenses - this shot was taken on a hike two weeks ago with my newest purchase - a Pentax Super Takumar 135mm f/3.5. I absolutely LOVE this lens. The boy is my kiddo and generally lovely model, of course. apr 26 016 mountain climber by...
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    Cormorants Return to Hamilton Harbour

    I stopped in at "Bird Islands" in the Harbour to see these guys back at nest building for another season! Amazing eyes on these birds. apr 21 double crested cormorant on the nest by civgirlca, on Flickr
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    Spring at the Reservoir

    I've been away for awhile, practicing practicing, after some serious discouragement (is that a word?) last fall. Here is a shot I took at the Mountsberg Reservoir a couple of weeks ago. Comments welcome and appreciated. apr 25 005 osprey lookout by civgirlca, on Flickr
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    Toronto skyline with ducks

    I guess you are - I think I'm all the way out at 270mm. I've been seeing a lot of panos lately, and I haven't tried it. I should! For some reason I never even think to set up for one when I'm out.
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    Toronto skyline with ducks

    This shot was taken on a cold dim day in December, from the Burlington Lift Bridge. I like it, but I'm not sure why. The ducks are long-tailed ducks, mostly. C&C always appreciated! dec 29 longtails on city skyline by civgirlca, on Flickr
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    Sherman Falls - Icey weather

    jan 2 008 best sherman by civgirlca, on Flickr Shot this January 2, before the serious freeze hit. I like the mix of ice and running water (this falls froze solid a few days later).
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    That Once-in-a-Lifetime Eagle Shot...

    Same thing happened to me over the Christmas break - the local Snowy Owl has been showing up pretty steadily at easy to photograph locations. My birder friend and I planned a whole day of duck and owl spotting - got some great long tail ducks and scoters and owl. Next day, I...
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    The marina in winter...

    Hey guys! I've been away from the site for a bit, but I haven't been away from the camera. Here's my latest day at the marina (it's COLD! -15C under sunny skies in these pictures). jan 16 003 landing by civgirlca, on Flickr jan 16 015 best fox by civgirlca, on Flickr jan 16 011 coopers...
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    Dubai and Jordan suggestions needed

    I was going to say, "OOH you can go see Petra!" but I see you have that covered. :) What an amazing trip, wow.
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    Pacaya volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

    I wish I could see it! Tinypic is blocked at work, I'll have to check later. My husband and I climbed Pacaya in 2011, it was amazing - the whole trip to Antigua was unforgettable.
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    Puerto Rican Tody

    Hunter58, thanks! Yeah, I'd given up on birds by then, and had my kit lens on to get wider shots. Then bam, two of them sitting on a branch 6 feet from me. Go figure! Tyguy, in San Juan, there is a VERY large group of green iguanas along the Paseo El Morro that live in the walls of the...
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    Puerto Rican Tody

    Thank you! It was a lot of effort, but it was also vacation and I wasn't JUST looking for the birds - but I was hoping for them for sure. :) As for the big birds of prey, they fly WAY TOO HIGH. Ha. I'll save them for when I have more glass, someday.
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    Phone snaps...

    I shot this of my husband in the Mt. Britton observation tower in El Yunque, Puerto Rico. He's taking landscape pictures with his blackberry bold. Sigh. I love him, but he's not a photography guy! nov 8 020 rob silhouette by civgirlca, on Flickr
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    Puerto Rican Tody

    Cutest little birds ever! nov 8 005 puerto rican tody best by civgirlca, on Flickr I spent two full days hiking in the rainforest of Puerto Rico (El Yunque) watching for these little guys (not much bigger than a hummingbird), listening to their little chirrup calls. I finally ran into them...