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    Color or Black & White?

    Thanks for the critiques. This is just down the street from me, so I'll go shoot it again and see if I can clarify the point.
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    From the beautiful to the sublime.
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    A view through rubber plantation........

    As Emily Litella might have said, "I thought he said rubbers trees. That's completely different then. Never mind!"
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    Color or Black & White?

    I shot this in color, then converted it to B&W in Lightroom. Which one is more appealing to you and why? What could be done to improve either one? Same thing in B&W:
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  7. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

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    Which white balance setting?

    I like the foreground in the first one and the sky in the second one.
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    For automotive lovers

    Very nice. Did you try something like #9235 with the car positioned so that the freeway pylons recede into the distand on either side of the car, instead of intersecting it? Maybe there's no way to do that there, or maybe this shot is better, but I still wonder what that would look like.
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    A couple of pictures from a new guy

    Nice work - #6573 could use less foreground; #7417 is probably my favorite. A couple of tips on posting pictures: upload the image files to your gallery. In the gallery, click on the Share option above the image, copy the URL that appears in the window labeled, "Here is direct link of this...
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    A view through rubber plantation........

    Seriously, I like the picture a lot. If you don't know what it is, there's an element of mystery - it's like a flock of ghosts was floating through the forest.
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    A view through rubber plantation........

    I didn't know rubbers grew on trees. Are they harvested by Trojans?
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    Succulent tomatoes

    Beautiful. What if you tried a graduated neutral density filter effect on it, so it would be dark at the bottom and light at the top?
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    Mohegan SUN

    Beautiful shot.
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    Through the eyes of a child

    Great idea. Just shows that we don't know what people's capabilities are until we give them a chance.