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    Spring flowers by a newbie

    Thank you :-) thank you! :-) thank you!!! :-)
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    Driftwood at Clam Beach

    ADORE them. I like 6 of 8 best, the one with a little sand at the top. Adds some interest and texture contrast. IMO... Beth
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    More Hornet Pics

    I take it you have one helluva zoom lens? I would want to be far far away..... Beth p.s. way cool shots.
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    By The Pool...

    I love that shot! The definition on the insect is amazing. Beth
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    Close up of fungus on wood

    It was natural light, and a shaded area. Taken in the morning. Not alot of choice on the angles. The rotting wood is a split rail on a fence, and to get it I had to stick the lens through rusted wire to get the shot. I need a new fence. LOL Beth
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    Colorful Summer Day Lilies

    Then we have good taste! Now I need to figure out how to get my camera to do what my eye wants it to do! ;-) Beth
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    My first flower pics! Please comment and critique

    I like #2 best. To me #3 looks washed out in back. Beth
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    Close up of fungus on wood

    So I think I like macro photography. I don't have a good zoom lense...YET. Everything I shoot is with my out of the box lens on the D3100. Enjoy the rot. Okay....which is best, why, and how can I improve? Beth
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    Another Butterfly Outing

    I just posted a few flowers....I took some pics of bleeding heart too, but I have to find them...somewhere on my hard drive.... Beth
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    Spring flowers by a newbie

    Yeah I know, more flowers by a newbie. I appreciate any suggestions you may have for taking better shots. Thank you all for your help, suggestions, and encouragement. Beth
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    Another Butterfly Outing

    You're welcome Joel. I recently tool a bunch of photos of a butterfly moth. Not sure how good they are, I captured them with wing movement, I thought it would add to it. Much easier to photograph the moth than the bird. No luck there yet. I'll start a thread later. Would love feedback. I can...
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    Photo of the Month May Winner - carlos58

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    Colorful Summer Day Lilies

    LOVE the 3rd one!!!!
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    Another Butterfly Outing

    I'm a newbie...okay now that that is out of the way, I like them. I like the second one best in your first post. I like the wing detail. CBD
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    Bulgaria in the snow

    I love number 1 and number 4.