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    Photos for 99 cents anyone?

    Saw this the other day, curious to hear what others think. Do you think this devalues photography? Claud G
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    Family Shoot

    Very cute, I prefer these type of family shots to traditional portraits. However, in the first one I'd like to see more of the family than their butts :))
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    Hi I am new

    Hi Sarah! I'm also new here, seems like a very welcoming place. Claud G
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    Lizard Encounter

    Where's the lizard? I can barely see him, try cropping or even getting closer to him next time.
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    "Fluffy redefined"

    I don't think I like the frame in bg, but fluffy cat is cute!
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    Some more from today's shoot

    The posing looks a little unnatural. I missed the previous threads, so I don't know what this event is, but next time try to talk to your model to get to know them a little and you will see how it reflects on your shots. Usually the model looks a lot more relaxed and natural. Claud G
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    Blak Coke

    Is this a real product? never seen it at US stores. Very nice post-processing.
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    first shot at product photography

    Not enough contrast imo. Just doesn't look yummy.
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    Church interior

    Nice angle! I've actually never seen a modern church inside, pretty cool.
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    Legality of posting pictures of strangers

    If you wish to sell images commercially, you need a release signed by every person in the photo. Otherwise, no worries.
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    Adding a Boarder?

    In short - don't. To some it looks amateurish. My 2 cents.
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    Harbour Town's 'official' photographer?

    From what I know, some sites that sell exclusive license charge approx. a few hundred dollars for VERY good photos. If your images are unique and represent exactly what he wants, you can jack up the price. If he can relatively easily find someone else to do the same, negotiate the best deal, but...
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    " Snow Moods "

    Very nice indeed. Some noise is visible in the sky, maybe that's JPEG compression.
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    Gas Station Night Photo

    Grain doesn't bother me much here, but what is the picture of? It's poorly composed in my opinion.
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    Old car

    Hi, I'd like to see it not cropped so tight, especially on sides. The last version posted is too dark.