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Mar 12, 2020
Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
Fine Dining Chef

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Been spending a lot of time on here!, from Old Saybrook, CT

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Mar 12, 2020
    1. spiralout462
      Man, I'm sorry to hear about your continued struggles with Canon! I thought they were doing there best to keep you as a happy customer. I was terribly wrong, apparently! I may be interested in the 500 and/or 200 when the time comes. I probably can't justify a new lens right now but we'll see. The d500 should be a blast for you! I'm looking forward to the results.
      1. coastalconn
        Yeah I'm really bummed about the 500. I love that lens. Also there isn't really a comparable 200 in Nikon world. The time is probably coming very soon. Send me a PM if you want details..
        Mar 29, 2016
    2. spiralout462
      Hello Kris. Did you ever get rid of you 300 f4? If not, I may be interested. Thanks.

      1. coastalconn
        Still have it... I was going to knock it down $25 too
        Feb 13, 2016
    3. zombiesniper
      Thanks for your help with the 500mm.
      Really enjoying it, just waiting for my straps to come in no.
      1. coastalconn likes this.
      2. coastalconn
        Gotta love pro glass! Glad it is working out :)
        Jan 28, 2016
    4. GeorgianBayBoy
      Hi Kris, I'm trying to decide between the 7Dmk2 and 1Dmk4 and I'm having a heck of a time. I shoot mostly birds and wildlife now with a 7D. I posted a thread in the canon page and someone said you've got both. Which do you prefer and how different is the autofocus on the 1D4 compared to the 7D2?
      Thanks for any advice you could give me.
    5. Radical
      Hey Chris, do you still have the Nikon MB-D11? If so do you still want to sell it?
      Let me know and thanks
    6. jsecordphoto
    7. jsecordphoto
      Hey, did you have to do any focus adjustments when using your tammy at all? I've never worried about doing any microadjustments with my other lenses because I was always shooting landscapes, usually at like 16mm, and at f16. I'm wondering if my tamron is back focusing a touch or if I just need to practice my wildlife stuff more.


      1. coastalconn
        I fine tune all of my lenses because at 600 mm even at F8 the DOF can be very very small. The Tamron on my D7100 is at +3 and on my D800 it is -9. Fine tune and then shoot with it for a day and carefully examine where the DOF is. Long lenses are very difficult to fine tune at distance in my humble opinion...
        Nov 6, 2014
    8. jsecordphoto
      So have you been generally happy with your Tamron 150-600? I finally found a place with them in stock around me. Trying to decide between 3 different lenses (with much different uses)
      1. coastalconn
        I am indeed! I think it is a great lens for the price. I have been very happy with sharpness and overall performance.. Click through to my Flickr images if you haven't already...
        Oct 15, 2014
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    Old Saybrook, CT
    Fine Dining Chef
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    Sober since Sept 2010, I decided to pick up a camera in 2011. I quickly found out I was addicted to bird photography.


    May the sun be at your back and the birds be in your face!

    Nikon D500, D4, 500 F4 VR-G, 300 F2.8 AF-S II and Tamron 150-600 G2

    Birds in flight video with the Tamron G2 Kristofer Rowe using the new Tamron 150-600 G2 lens
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