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    A Hike Through Buttermilk Falls Park (Ithaca, NY)

    These are great shots! I love number 12, I think with some fine pp work it could be improved a little bit. great series
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    Glacier Trip

    I really like number 4, the color of the water is great
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    Holga 135BC - X-pro!

    The first one is multiple exposures
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    Modest Mouse 7" Vinyl

    yeah your right the needle is bigger than I would like, but since it is a 7" there isn't much vinyl to play with, thanks for the comments
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    Modest Mouse 7" Vinyl

    I just got my Modest Mouse Autumn Beds 7" and I am loving it so I took a picture, let me know what you think Click the picture for bigger size See it on tumblr as well: CDow
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    Apple Stairs

    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Apple Stairs

    I took this semi-abstract street shot from the main floor of the NYC Apple Store. Let me know what you think. Click the picture for more info and to view Large on Black
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    The wave

    Thanks^^ and here is a video I made with my D40 at the same time just playing around Not serious on Vimeo
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    WTB: Cheap, functional DSLR

    yeah I think that for $300 you should be able to get a lens and a body, like a used D40 or something, waiting to save up will definitely be worth it but always be on the lookout for deals
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    The wave

    thanks for the comments!
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    The wave

    This is a shot from the beach with my 100mm f/2.8E It must be viewed large in my opinion, click the picture to view large on black
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    ND filters

    no body has ND filters?
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    HDR (kind of)

    I like the way the foregrounds loo, very natural but with lots of detail. I was considering doing HDR by bracketing the foreground and using one exposure for the sky since I hate the way HDR makes skies look. how do you blend/paste the sky in? what is the best method?
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    Nikon 55-200mm VR

    sorry guys, this has been sold to wporterfield
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    A Little Bit of Light

    now that is cool