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    I recently found and then sold a Rectaflex Junior with Angénieux lens. The Junior is very similar to the 1300 except with lower top shutter speed. The body was not working but the lens was in good shape. I loved the overall build of the camera but the viewfinder was quite dim.
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    Where to find Polaroid film for 100 Hasselblad Polaroid back

    These are all the Type 100 films. They are all discontinued: Type 100 format films list
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    Where to find Polaroid film for 100 Hasselblad Polaroid back

    You can find expired film on eBay but the functionality of expired Polaroid film can be very poor.
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    help identifying this kodak

    Six-20 Kodak Link
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    Replacement Mirror for my Bronica ETRSi.

    Yes, eBay is where I get most of the parts I need by buying junkers and pulling parts from them. It may take a while to get a reasonably priced one because sellers often overprice parts cameras. The question is: Do all the ETR series models use the same mirror? If so, you can probably save by...
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    "To dream the impossible dream ..."

    Link: Douglas Mueller
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    Seattle filmworks film. Is it c41 or ecnII?

    Seattle Filmworks film is not C41
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    What caused this?

    wink, wink, nudge, nudge ...
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    Is this lens compatible "?

    That's a Minolta mount. It won't fit your Pentax.
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    Hoarder House clean out finds

    You might get $25-$50 for the Ricoh if it is in good working condition. The other two used films that went extinct decades ago but some might pay $10-$20 for the Polaroid so as to convert it to modern 4x5 film size or to display. And, maybe $10 or so for the Spartus.
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    Looking for insight.

    Freestyle's chart includes that combination: Film Development Chart | Freestyle Photo & Imaging
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    For those of you still working in the darkroom...

    David Vestal is one of my favorite authors. I think his books are among the best.
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    Mamiya 645 Pro Manual Film Advance Crank, Explanation Needed

    If the film wouldn't advance beyond 6 frames and you are using the correct film back and insert for 35mm then I don't think forcing it is a good idea. I would suggest finding out what is wrong and fixing that.
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    Topcon RE Super

    The high-end Topcons are beautiful cameras. I've been on the lookout for a bargain on a clean example myself.