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    Another Corry and Joe Adventure

    Really? That got bleeped? s-h-i-t-e w-o-c-k-s
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    Another Corry and Joe Adventure

    Thanks! Joe really did do a great job! Also, the subs totes don't cuck. ;) The ****e wocks do though.
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    Another Corry and Joe Adventure

    You're still the bestest ever for doing that for me! :D
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    Another Corry and Joe Adventure

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    Another Corry and Joe Adventure

    Ok, so I'm very rarely active on here these days, but I'm sure some people here still remember me, and those of you who do Fight Club know Joe (clarinetjwd). It's been a mighty long time since I've posted anything about any of our adventures on here, but this time I have one on video, and I...
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    For those of you who have a hard time getting up in the morning...

    Joe, that's amazing. You're crafty . . . can you make one for me?
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    What's Making You Happy Right Now?

    What's making me happy is the knowledge that in 9 days I'll be in warmer weather, hanging out with my bestest friend clarinetJWD.
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    Unsweet tea

    I don't personally know of anywhere around here that serves tea referred to as 'unsweet'. If it just says iced tea, it's not going to be sweet. Bottled tea is another story. Most of that stuff seems to be sickeningly sweet almost, so it will usually actually say 'unsweetened'.
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    Anti Virus programs

    Another Microsoft Security Essentials, here. :)
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    For the PC gamers....

    Well, yeah, Steam is pretty much amazing. :P
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    Cats & Crows!

    :( Those poor kitties.
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    grammar pet peeve

    Totally agree with this! Personally, I know people make mistakes. I make grammar mistakes when typing sometimes, by accident. Usually it's mixing up words that sound the same, but it's not because I don't know the proper rules. I don't see a problem with an occasional mix-up...
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    When I read that comic, I thought of here and one other forum to which I belong. :P
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    Editing - you can polish a turd!

    I love Mythbusters, as well, but duuuuuuuude . . . they were handling those turds without gloves! GROOOSS!
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    Flash photography saves girl's life

    I've actually heard about that happening before. Quite interesting!