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    Before/After Need some CC

    Sweet thanks guys :)
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    Before/After Need some CC

    Ya the colors are off. Too cold and dark.
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    #3 is your best shot, and I like it a lot! The only thing I would do is take out a little bit of that sky.
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    Before/After Need some CC

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    Life's simple pet peeves

    Thats fine, but they shouldn't be surprised when there kicked to the curb with attitudes like that. :lmao:
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    ALERT: Scammer on the forum

    I don't believe either of you. LoL But I'd like to hear how you FL_Cat dispute that your merchandise shipped was only 1.10lb's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't think of a whole hell of a lot (camera gear in particular) thats weighs out to that. Lastly as a 20 year old myself I find it...
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    The Old Mid West

    Any more CC would be totally sweet.;)
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    Before/After Need some CC

    thanks :) Any CC peeps?
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    Our new member of the family

    I :heart: this thread.
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    Afterwork Bath **BOOTY**

    Thats one long timer than :) Well good job at capturing a soft side of yourself.;)
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    Our girl Ginger

    Shes laying on my robe, aka me :)
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    Lawyering Process!!

    Well for #2 I'm not saying crop out the folders, because than you would have a handless lawyer. What I am trying to get at is a reshoot of that area, and maybe angle it so the black books are the background. Only because there's not much going on with that white wall.
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    Afterwork Bath **BOOTY**

    Her look and pose seems very natural to me. You did a good job capturing that side of her.:thumbup:
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    C&C Portraits

    Maybe we could offer better suggestions if we could see the original of #2? (In regards to the eyes)
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    A tasteful Lingerie Shoot.........!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you did a good job as the photographer. But like some of the others I can just not get over that face. Sexy is a tease expression...not "dont eff with me". I'm sure it varies for each couple...but her smile could of been used in a more flirtatious manner. Great job for what you had to...