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    Use of Fluorescent Light

    Thanks for the help. I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a couple of bulbs to test myself and see how it works.
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    Use of Fluorescent Light

    I am working on making a light tent (so I can stay inside and take pictures during the Wisconsin winter :D) and I am now looking to purchase some lights. My budget is small and I felt this would fit my needs. However, I would like to use a light that doesn't get so hot. Would I be able to...
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    Stage shining

    Couldn't describe it better than that!
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    Along the Thames

    I really like the old feel in the first one, it really feels like I am stepping back in time.
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    The Man with the Ballon ...

    nice, I like the first one as well. The second is pretty cool since you feel like you are moving with the balloon, but I think the first one captures the "little boy with a balloon" feeling.
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    Deal on Nikon D50

    It has been a long time since I have posted on this board but I finally moved on up from my Nikon Coolpix 4300 to a D50. I just thought I would tell anyone interested in purchasing a D50 to check out Ritz Camera. They have a D50 with a Quantaray 28-90mm F/3.3-5.6 Lens for $549.99 which is...
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    So Whats Your Number?

    567 what a nice number
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    Visited a friend with a beautiful garden...

    I agree, nice photos
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    mission 1: raven quest

    Wow, amazing photos. My guess is that this is a canadian show?
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    Couple of B&Ws

    I really like the third one. nice photos!
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    So who should be afraid of who?

    No I am still in high school but would like to be one. Just kina reading up about it as a career and seeing what schools would be good in my area.
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    So who should be afraid of who?

    Interesting story, I so wonder what the spider is feeling. I think people just learn to be afraid of some insects/animals. When you are growing up and whenever there is a spider around the people around you are scared you would begin to think that you should be afraid of them. P.S...
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    When good kittys go bad!

    Haha great effect. Very creepy!
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    Political Cartoon

    :LOL: that's great
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    Remember Dew??

    Same here