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    Jetta GLI + Scion tC photoshoot

    The one with Toys R Us and the last shot are fantastic, I could do without the rest of them
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    Caesars Head State Park

    nice shots, i really like the colors in the sky on the first shot!
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    Who gets the fish at the end of the day?

    Nice shots, I really like the first one
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    Your post title is almost cruel, but quite funny at the same time. Good shot, well framed
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    There is nothing terribly interesting with any of these shots, and a lot of them are lacking detail. Maybe try playing around with different focus settings and light setups to create a more intriguing picture
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    Water Wheel

    There is no real depth of field. However I still really like this shot, particularly the yellow buds on the tree add some needed color!
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    Changes through the ages

    Solid shot, I'm glad you shared part of the story with us as well
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    A tour of the Manitoba Legislature

    This a great series. That building looks spectacular and you did it great justice with your pictures. I think 2 and 3 are my favs, I've never seen stairs make such a good picture, great angles on both those shots. The only recommendation I would have to maybe trying shooting with a tripod to get...
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    Beautiful shots, i really like the perspective in the first shot and the dimension you gave to #3 by adding that tree in the foreground!
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    I agree with Corinna. The circular structure in the foreground almost looks neat with the high contrast, but the background (is that the ocean or a lake back there) is completely blown out.
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    ice paintings on georgain bay

    I like one and two, three needs something added to it. These pictures are making me feel better about living in NY our ice and snow are long gone, how much longer will that ice be around where you are in Canada?
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    National Zoo

    Great pictures, they are all very vibrant and extremely sharp. I was down at the national zoo this summer and got some pictures of that panda bear, of course i was using a kodak camera at the time so they didn't turn out anything like you pictures!
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    little POP of color

    Great shot, I cant decide if i like it with the depth of field you have right now or if it would be better if you had shot at a higher F stop
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    My noobish photos

    I love the two shots of the skaters.