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    Very bad service from Nikon repair services

    It's known as NPS, or Nikon Professional Service. If you need pro level service, this is the way to go. Otherwise, just because you buy pro gear doesn't mean you get put above those that don't know the difference between aperture and shutter speed. Nikon Pro
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    Viewing Geotagged Photos - With no internet connection

    Quick question, I'm looking at geotagging my photos but the viewing aspect has me confused. While I understand that you can load the pictures into Google Earth or Flickr and view them on a map, this (from my understanding) requires an internet connection. Is there software (compatible with...
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    WTS Nikon D3 digital camera ASAP

    I can tell you that you will have no success in selling a D3 on a internet forum without at least being able to provide pictures. Try using a cell phone camera. Anything is better than nothing.
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    Panoramic Printing...Quick questions

    I'm looking at having it on the wall, so it wouldn't be that close for examination. The print in question is: Antarctic Panorama Take a look at it. Yes, I do have the photographers permission for non-commercial reproduction purposes.
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    Panoramic Printing...Quick questions

    So, I have a print file measuring 8400 x 1998 pixels. Now, I would like to print this as big as possible, going with 240 PPI. This would yield a print 35 inches long by 8.325 inches long. What are your thoughts on being able to stretch this print up to 12 inches tall? Would it be possible...
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    FS: Nikon D80 + 18-55 & 55-200 Lenses + MORE!

    Just so you know, Nikon's warranties are non-transferable.
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    For Sale: Nikon D300 and DX Lenses

    Any through the lens shots for the 12-24? Chance of more details shots?
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    For Sale: Nikon D300 and DX Lenses

    Would you be willing to split it up? I'm curious as to the 12-24mm. Put me down for dibs if you do decide to split it up.
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    Nikon E Series Lens - Compability?

    Perfect. Thanks for the info. I think I'll save up a bit longer to get the one with a CPU so as to meter properly. Make's my life just easier.
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    Nikon E Series Lens - Compability?

    Quick question, will an E series lens (in this case, Nikon 50mm 1.8) fit on a modern digital camera (ie D40x)? I realize autofocus will not work, but for $45, if it fits the camera, I'll be just fine. Thanks!
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    More pics! I will NOT give up just yet! C&C please!

    1) Slightly out of focus, the eyes (ideally) should be nice and sharp. However, composition is good. 2/3) Sky is quite nice, maybe changing the setting it's in would improve it (composition). They look, to me, as being snapshots (albeit properly exposed) taken by most people with a camera...
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    Busted by edmonton police...

    First of all, what it is, is that the platform where you have DIRECT access to the trains (IE where you board) requires proof of purchase. This is their way to keep police people who are trying to ride without paying. So, to be in certain sections of the train station, yes you must pay. Don't...
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    Busted by edmonton police...

    Couple of things, The LRT police are finicky about camera's, though they cannot stop you from taking pictures (legally), they will definitely try. I've been called out over the loudspeaker in the lobby of a station for doing that. However, there are blatant signs stating that the tunnel where...
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    Katz Eye focusing screens Review:

    I talked to him about it, and instead he picked up the D700, which he feels didn't need it. So it didn't get done. As for a tutorial, there is a pdf available at the Katzeye website, which details the procedure. Yes, I am still interested in this, but cannot budget for the extra cost at...
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    Edmonton, AB Meetup?

    Temperatures are suppose to be on the "warm" side, but that is not saying much really. Whyte Ave is definitely slushy, but the sidewalks are somewhat clear. Definitely easy walking. Weekends, evenings work best for me. Beyond that, I have little preference as to exact times.