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    i really need your help

    Professional quality takes a little more than just settings. If there were a perfect set of settings for day or night or whatever, all photographers would just use the "program scenes" on their cameras. You might try looking around online for photography lessons and tips and then play with...
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    1st Nature Shots

    I prefer the color ones. Your original on #1 has just a bit too much blue tone. An auto color on photoshop elements gives it a warmer look or adjusting the color for less blue and/or more red works too (and I am sure a better editing program can do even better). Since you have "ok to edit" I...
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    Photogrpahy at the zoo

    :hail: Experience and skill makes a world of difference. I always enjoy your (the pair) photos. I was wondering how you got such a great picture in the "No Flash" section of the Aquarium and then I noticed your disclaimer. We were up there the day before Thanksgiving and stopped by the...
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    Photogrpahy at the zoo

    My 18-55 kit lens worked fine for close ups and animals in small habitats, but the deer and the peacocks and the animals in bigger habitats require a better zoom. A pack of windex wipes might come in handy for glass enclosed wipe away little fingerprints and smudges. If you can...
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    Hi. What's your shutter speed? Nice shot even with the motion blur.
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    how did you know?

    I've loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I think it clicked that I wanted to adopt the hobby when I realized that my pictures of my kids looked better than the local studios we went to (not the professional photographer studios that I couldn't afford but the cheap ones like...
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    Question about Providing Full-Res Photos to Friends

    I didn't get teh idea he ran out and offered to take all the pictures and give free hi res images. It sounded to me like he was taking pictures and his friends who didn't bring cameras started asking him to make sure he gave them copies. That happens to me all the time and it's hard to say...
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    Question about Providing Full-Res Photos to Friends

    Why is he obligated to give away his time, effort, money and skill just because these people were too cheap to buy their own cameras? You guys are being too harsh. You don't have to be a doormat in order not to be called a jerk. I don't recall anywhere the OP mentioning charging them (I think...
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    Are you THAT good?

    That's an interesting point. Thanks.
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    Are you THAT good?

    Uh, the composition is the make-up of the image you intend to produce. It is the whole of the elements that produce the image.
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    Dust Particles on Pictures

    Are the dust spots in random locations or in the same locations on every picture? I have 2-3 spots that I am not willing to open my sensor to clean as it could expose it to more dust. I've cleaned my sensor once ( bought a kit online and watched the video and followed instructions to a T) and...
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    WTB: Nikon D40 6.1MP DSLR w/ lens

    Have you found one yet? I'll sell you my D40 with the kit lens for $475 shipped (paypal only, small fee if using credit). I'll include a quantaray UV filter and I will pack it in the original box inside another box for shipping. I've had it since June and just got a terrific deal on an...
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    Are you THAT good?

    My camera only has three focal points, so sometimes when I have what I want as the composition, I have to shift for focus. My eyes aren't good enough to manually focus so I have to be willing to crop some pictures. But I generally have in mind how I will crop when I take the picture.
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    Do you save the originals?

    I don't have a 16 bit RAW converter and I am not shooting for money or fame, so most of my shots right now are jpegs. Since my only public use of my photos is in powerpoints and occassional church bulletins or personal greeting cards, I don't generally have any problem doing it this way (or if...
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    Why do people leave?

    While I haven't completely left, I've not been very involved here lately. I've found another site I feel a little more at home on. That doesn't mean this site is bad or that one is better, just that that one fits me a little better at this point. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed and...