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    How to convert a BW image to color?

    Hello people, is there any way to convert a black and white picture to full color? The only way I can imagine would be to somehow convert it from grayscale to "redscale" (shades of red), then to "greenscale", then to "bluescale", and then somehow combine these 3 versions to make a colored...
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    How do you guys take such clear photos through a telescope? Surely you don't just stick the camera lens in the telescope eyepiece, like you do with your eye? Because I tried to take a few shots of the moon that way (through my 10x50 binoculars), and the best one I could get is this...
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    Sky Theme

    Edited due to broken link
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    Link broken :(
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    This is from downtown Toronto
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    A waste for all time to see....

    Very nice, the angle of the light makes the waves look great, and somehow that tire fits in perfectly, I like it. :thumbsup:
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    The Morning Patrol

    Wow, I can see how canonrebel interpreted my post as he did, he must get this all the time :cry: I want to make it clear that personally I don't care whether canonrebel likes or dislikes "digital art" or anything else, I think that's his business and his business alone. Everyone has a passion...
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    Simple happiness

    The picture is fine, it's LaFoto's desktop display settings (not enough colors).
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    Nice shot! And I like the spider too, I don't know why everybody gets disgusted, it's actually kindof cute. As to why it didn't jump, from my experience with spiders, they tend to freeze when something big gets near them. I think they probably react that way so that they don't attract attention...
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    Well I guess it looks more "artistic" this way, I don't know, you tell me :? I don't know exactly if this is what you had in mind, feel free to edit it yourself in whatever way you want. I have no problem with people editing or using my pictures in any way. Once you edit it though, it's...
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    Actually I don't think those are roots, I think it's some kind of bush or something. Anyway, I didn't mean to over expose it, it was a mistake, but I actually like the effect it gives, I think it looks pretty cool.
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    Sky Theme

    Edited due to broken link
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    The issue is resolved, let's not make baby jesus cry anymore ...
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    Would everybody tell each other that I'm not talking to them? Thanks.
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    Can someone tell Lyanna that I'm not talking to her? Thanks.