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    Remaking a models dress

    I like it, sometimes its just good to spend time on something to practice doing it and to get (and give) enjoyment out of the finished photo. TBH I thought it was supposed to be milk not water.
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    Model shoot.

    When i read this the first thought that went into my mind was 'boom... headshot' and some kind of crazy call of duty game.... Maybe I should stop playing Xbox so much and get back to taking more photos!
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    Alice C&C

    #5 is my favourite. The whole set is very midsummer nights dream!
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    Maria Doll

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    Maria Doll

    I'd quite like to see the original
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    Tulips - Woodland walkabout

    Its not normally my thing but as it was a nice Easter day yesterday I went with my family for a woodland walk about and came across various tulips growing. I only took my 35mm lens to try and force myself to think about composition rather than just zooming in. Both taken on a Nikon D5200 with a...
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    Newbie in Photography

    Just to add to LCLimages post this is exactly the same photo as #3 just with the level straightened. Also, in #1 it looks like you have just missed the focus on the eyes (Which is generally the area you aim to get in focus in portraits). It appears to be around 1cm in front of the eye area...
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    Nikon D600 opinions??????

    No don't get the D10300, the D10400 is scheduled to be out in March 2016.....
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    Sony A7S--WoW!

    Would it be any good for low light photography? I am looking for a new camera for fast shutter, low light, non flash action and was tempted by a d4s but this does look interesting...
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    There is always something a bit special about your work that makes it stand above a lot of other shots.
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    Ioanna on a Balcony

    Lovely shots, number 2 is my favourite.
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    D5300 - 18-300mm - Lowry Park Zoo - Tampa, FL

    They are nice shots and look great on the lens. Unless practicing photoshop skills I personally wouldn't go any further with the editing on them though. Most of the shots have some kind of frame cropping on the subjects. My favourite would be the elephant, if you have cropped it (and you got the...
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    A walkie talkie, Cheesegrater and Gherkin ...

    They build some crazy buildings now in London!!
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    The Shard, London

    I quite liked this shot so thought I would posted it. It was taken from up the top of Tower Bridge in London.
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    Anyone for ice-cream?