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    I recently moved to this city Boston. Thanks for looking. Dani
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    The Death Valley Floor

    The dead sea is in the northern hemisphere (1380 ft below sea level).
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    Of a Subtle Nature

    I really enjoyed the first image. Thought its from the red sea. Dani
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    Diseased frog, causing red eye?

    Hey Tim, The last one is a fantastic image. Dani
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    bee eater

    Thank you LaFoto. Indeed my tele lens is not that fancy (the simplest 70-300). And this was shot wide open for the speed. These birds are pretty quick and usually don't let you get too close. Dani
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    bee eater

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I just noticed in one of the pictures a bee eater looking at potential food (lower right).
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    bee eater

    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    birds and flowers

    1. 2. 3. 4. and one tultles (NSFW) Thanks for looking, Dani
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    Pycnonotus barbatus Thanks for looking. Dani
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    Radiant flower

    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    Thanks for commenting. I didn't expect too many comments here. I just liked the pink/purple in the background. Dani
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    Thanks for looking. Dani
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    up the dune

    Hi Corinna, I haven't been posting much lately. This is the first time I used channel separation for the B&W conversion. For the sky I used mostly the red channel that was pretty dark. I think that's where the noise comes from. Thanks for commenting, Dani.
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    up the dune

    I haven't posted this image in color, but thanks. Dani
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    up the dune

    Thanks for looking. Dani