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    goose and blue heron

    nice shots. i never get tired of the great blue herons.
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    The breach

    great shot...
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    today's humming bird shoot.

    they can be quite hard to photograph, there quick and don't always seem to stay in one spot very long. here is a photo of a male that i really like but it was also in bad lightning with a 1/4000 shutter speed with my 200mm lens, it was cropped pretty heavily but still looks good if you can...
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    today's humming bird shoot.

    great story about the hawks, my understanding is humming birds like to be close to hawks, the hawks don't eat thm since they are so small and the hawks scare off allot of the animals that will eat them. but they are territorial, we had a male hummer that would set in the tree in my yard...
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    Not your average swans

    good shot, i would definitely crop it a bit though. its a little dark but still looks good.
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    some from today and yesterday and the day before(pic Heavy)

    nice set. i really like the heron.
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    Big Blue

    nice shot.
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    leap for lunch

    lol, nice..
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    Backyard Visitor

    great photos.
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    Grasshopper Closeup

    great photos, those are really nice
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    today's humming bird shoot.

    Thanks... These were shot in the front yard, the feeders right next to the door in the garage that goes outside. I propped the cameras up on the tripod inside the garage so they cant see me that easily and waited for them to show up. only saw one today in about 30 or 40 min I am guessing it...
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    today's humming bird shoot.

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    Photo sharpness, am I imagining things?

    I haven't read everything here. you may need a faster shutter speed, the lens may need tuned to get a better focus, some cameras have a focus fine tune, some sigma lenses can be hooked up to the sigma dock so you can really fine tune the focus, I own 3 sigma lenses that can be tuned with...
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    Is the iPhone 7 camera the end of DSLRs?

    I saw some reviews of the new iphone camera and some photos taken with it that the reviewers were raving about, they photos did not look very good to me. the images looked kind of soft and the bokeh was not that great IMO and stuff like that. plus you have very little optical zoom...
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    how to get crazy up close macro photos

    Thanks, those are some great photos you posted the rayonex does not fit on any of my lenses, there all 72-82mm filter sizes. i don't want to hold it up by hand in front of the lens. I can get a set of the cheap filters for 17 bucks that will fit on 2 of my lenses. the photos people have...