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    Dany replied to the thread Kinax Cameras.
    You may find some good description of the different models of the brand on this page...
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    Dany posted the thread Kinax Cameras in Collector's Corner.
    Kinax is a French manufacturer mainly producing folding cameras after WWII. It is not well known out of France because only few models...
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    The Six 20 Junior should have a sort of glass plate in front of the shutter to protect from dust ingress and a lens beind the shutter...
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    Dany replied to the thread Lancaster Instantograph.
    I finally found a replacement bellow for my Instantograph. It has been easier to install than to find
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    Dany replied to the thread A candid camera.
    The camera provides 4x6,5 cm negatives and must be loaded with type 127 films
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    Dany posted the thread A candid camera in Collector's Corner.
    I have been always moved by vintage bakelite cameras I don’t know why. May be because molding technics permit interesting design. I...
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    Dany reacted to webestang64's post in the thread One Expensive Camera! with Like Like.
    https://www.leitz-auction.com/auction/en/auktion34/auction40/article/305.html "Only approximately 22 of 0-Series Leicas were produced...
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    Dany reacted to Mitica100's post in the thread One Expensive Camera! with Wow Wow.
    Breaking the world record, the Leica 0-Series no. 105 “Oskar Barnack” sold for 14.4 million Euros (includes buyer’s premium) at the...