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    Sayonara Nikon DSLRs?

    Well, bought my first Nikon in 1965, marched through several models since and kept my D780, and many lenses. I just recently (last year) tried a Fuji XT-2. Sold all Nikons and glass, more than happy with the Fuji. Also bought an X Pro 3.
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    I'm finding photography purposeless.

    Beautiful, I am also in love
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    Sayonara Nikon DSLRs?

    Take your images with tool of your choice! I still have (sadly gathering dust) my Koni Omega Rapid; it's had nearly 100 weddings under it's belt, and every once in a while use my Nikon F, F2, or FM. Having said that I also shoot with 3 different Fuji mirrorless. My only problem with all of...
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    Which one to keep, the Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6g VR or Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR?

    After an equipment "thinning of the heard" the one Nikon lens I'm keeping is 28-300. Tack sharp and covers just about any focal length I'll ever need. BTW, Also decided to keep the D780. I just can't bring myself to sell all the Nikon gear I've collected---still have (and use!) the Nikon F I...
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    Advice Needed. New Camera. New vs Old. Nikon Z5 vs Canon 5D Mark III

    I've been a Nikon and Leica shooter for many years. Just the same as you I have a bunch of gear and I am now thinking of selling all Nikon except my little D3100 and kit lens. D780 goes, Df goes. Leica been gone. I now use Fuji and have 3 of their cameras. Love them all. I always swore that...
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    My Trips To Poland

    My reply to you is simple; You have the excellent eye, and it's obvious you're greatly talented.
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    His opinion

    Was a great post, I wound up checking out all David Chang interviews---and I learned I've been wrong all these years--Nikon was not the first SLR!
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    His opinion

    In a post here on this site was a very good interview with David Chan of the Chan Company, Hong Kong. His quote "Digital is the McDonalds of photography!" Look him up on YouTube, a wealth of knowledge from years of invovment.
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    D7200 got wet

    I agree. You can drain it dry as the desert but electrical tiny contacts dealing in micro voltages, even solder, can get corroded.
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    D7200 got wet

    B&H and KEH have some good deals on used equipment. Repairing may cost more than replacing. Good luck.
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    Hey guys!

    Welcome, a good site for info and style. Remember, the best image you'll make is the one you "see" before you press the shutter button! Practice a lot of street photography it will be a good training thing for your photojournalism. That camera you already have is a good place to start, no need...
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    Missing slot in Q menu (Fuji X-T30ii)

    Looks like you (may) have not selected a custom setting to enter your Q menu. I'd first and easiest reset factory settings. Then organize your own custom menu and see if it goes to the Q. I'm for sure not a Fuji expert but this worked for me. You should see C1, C2, C3 etc depending on what...
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    Hey there!

    Welcome! Lots of good stuff here on these pages,