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    Swallowtail Butterfly

    Great shot
  2. Dave NY

    More hovering on kind of a windy, darkish day

    Great shots, I think they look great
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    A trio of Peacocks

    Those are beautiful, great shot
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    one good Tern deserves...

    Great shot, Birds can be so hard for me anyways
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    Queensland Crocodile

    That is a great shot
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    a rafter

    Great shot, they are interesting birds indeed and they eat tons of insects.
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    A Few Hummer Shots From Today

    Very nice shots, we had one at our house today but just stayed for a moment.
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    Is That A Fact?

    I have one that has made a web on my deck rails on the house that I have to get some shots of. I have named it Fred and told the wife that she is to leave him alone, he has already got at least 1 fly so he's earning his keep.
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    Montezuma Trip 1

    Thanks Jeff, that will be a big help in the future. That Solitary Sandpiper was very hard to see, I wanted to get more shots but that one was the best I could get, I couldn't find it again even though I knew it was there.
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    Bald Eagle

    We have peregrine falcons near me, I want to try to get some shots of those.
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    A Showoff

    These are a beautiful bird, you don't see them often down here. I used to see them quite often in NH.
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    Hummingbird Moth

    Thanks. Where in NH are you? We used to live in Derry, NH
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    Bald Eagle

    Awesome shots, I was hoping to see some of these in a trip I took yesterday to Montezuma Wildlife Refuge but unfortunately didn't see any.
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    Montezuma Trip 1

    Can anyone identify the birds, I have no clue. There was someone there that was rattling off every bird that was singing and that he could see with the spotting scope he was carrying but he was with me unfortunately.
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    Hummingbird Moth

    Thanks guys, I'm getting better with the camera. I was able to get good clear shots and stop the wings in movement.