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    An Umbrella and A Semester in Branson

    To me, number two is the strongest--but I would like a little more breathing room between the model and the right edge. 3 and 4 aren't working for me.
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    Memphis Zoo

    These are some shots from a recent trip to the Memphis Zoo. All were shot with my Canon 40D. C&C welcome.
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    I have magical film!

    I love Neopan 100 Acros too for a general shooting film. Great values and at 6x6 sizes it can get a fair amount of detail. I usually use the old standby D-76 for developing.
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    How to roll a Black and White 36 ex. roll of film

    Yeah, I have owned the same set of stainless steel reels, and 1000ml and 500ml stainless steel tanks for years. The kind with the black rubber lids.
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    Shutter problem :/

    Don't know if this will help at all... I have this same problem with my Ricoh KR-10, but only when I use it in A-priority mode. The shutter opens and sticks until I turn the shutter speed dial to a different position. Everything works wonderfully as long as I leave it in full-manual, so I can...
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    How to roll a Black and White 36 ex. roll of film

    Loading film is one of those things that you've got to do over, and over, and over before it goes smoothly. But it's like riding a bike, once you've got it, you've got it, it's just a matter of feel and finesse. Honestly, I really hate the plastic setups. Part of it is because I learned with...
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    What do you tell people?

    You know, I actually used a variant of that once too. I was out shooting some old, abandoned industrial stuff on the TVA reservation, way off the beaten path. I know I probably wasn't supposed to be there, but anyway this TVA guy in a truck pulls up and very rudely asks if I have permission to...
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    Nice, simple, barren. Well done! But I would have shifted slightly to the left so that the faint mountain in the upper left corner is just a bit more in the frame--that would have balanced out the composition a little better.
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    My first HDR attempt.

    I like the "overcooked" ones better too. HDRs have the ability to get a really great surreal quality. And if you're going to do surreal...just do it; no apologies. The shot with the mailbox is my favorite. There is a stark eerieness to it that is really striking.
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    Your first?

    Mine was a Mamiya C3. It is still my favorite film camera that I own.
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    Smudging image (intentionally)

    I agree with what's been said--pretty much impossible to do this directly on the film with any good results. Liquid emulsion would probably be your best bet, unless, as compur mentioned, you wanted to try gum prints, which would be quite an adventure!
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    Old Building, Sheffield, Alabama

    Shot as a RAW file, split into three JPGs to get the tonal range I wanted, and then given an HDResque processing in GIMP. I drive by this building all the time--the sharp graphic lines of the graffiti pop off the crumbling structure to make a really eye-catching roadside view. Finally the sky...
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    Purple negatives

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm using fresh fixer each time for film (saving it for paper after that), so it can't be exhausted. I'll make sure and check on the temperatures on my next roll and see if that's it. They're not so purple that it makes printing impossible, it just sometimes makes the...
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    Purple negatives

    Lately, I have having some problems with my negatives comming out with a strong purple tint. I am using Ilford Delta Pro 100 film and Sprint Systems Developer, Rapid Fixer (fresh fixer each time), and Hypo-clear. I pre-soak for about two minutes, develop according to the manufacturers...
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    colorado 14ers

    Beautiful shots. I love numbers 3 and 6 especially. You really captured the vastness and drama of Colorado's landscape well.