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    Temblor Range at Carrizo Plain National Monument

    I spent 4 days at Carrizo Plain National Monument in April during its amazing wildflower blooms and captured several strong large multi column row stitch blend sized images. This 17700x6000 pixels panoramic stitch blend image of an unbelievable otherworldly dreamlike location is certain to be...
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    Snow Folk

    Took the above image Tuesday January 24, 2017 while powder skiing at Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. Of course the Sierra Nevada has had record amounts of snow this month that has provided some unusual photo opportunities. Was leisurely shot with my moto g cellphone with its 13mp then a wee bit of...
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    Death Valley Wildflower Vista

    Thanks folks. Above one of the Mojave Desert's favorites, a desert five spot, eremalche rotundiflora, one of several close-ups at the above feature link. Shot with my A6000 with Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN plus Vello 10mm extension tube and diffusion disk, a 5 image Zerene Stacker focus stack blend...
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    Death Valley Wildflower Vista

    View for miles west across wildflower expanses from near Jubilee Pass Road at Death Valley National Park road trip February 15, 2016. An 8 frame 4 column by 2 row 50 image focus stack blend, stitch blend for 12000x8600 pixels using my A6000 with Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN lens atop a Nodal Ninja III...
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    foggy Pacific marine terrace wildflowers

    Brink of a marine terrace, at a foggy Northern California Pacific shore, late morning May 28, 2012, 150mm Nikkor, Wisner Expedition, Provia 100F 4x5 scanned and processed to closely match transparency. Sea pink, goldfields, multicolored lupine and tafoni sandstone. Waited on this frame a couple...
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    giant sequoia winter wonderland

    About noon November 10, 2012 Pacific dogwood and giant sequoia at Calaveras Big Trees State Park at about 4700 feet in the Sierra Nevada. Only every few years does an early winter storm have such an unusually low snow level, which here overnight was at about 2500 feet, that coincides with...
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    blond bunch grass and quaking aspen grove

    Exposed this 4x5 sheet of Provia 100F film about 10:30am PDT through my 150mm Nikor lens on October 6, 2012 in the East Walker drainage above Bridgeport, California. When framing quaking aspen groves, a more usual strategy is to find an isolated colorful aspen tree away from a main grove to...
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    Pond reflection of Graveyard Peak

    I understand why you are making that input. There isn't much definition in the face of the background peak but that isn't due to to overexposure. If one samples the jpg even the brightest areas of snow with an eyedropper, readings will be well below 255/255/255. I just looked at the...
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    Pond reflection of Graveyard Peak

    Graveyard Peak at 11,520 feet, reflecting in a shallow pond with turf hummocks at about 10,000 feet in the John Muir Wilderness. Early morning July 27, 2012, 150mm Nikor, Wisner Expedition, Provia 100F 4x5 transparency crudely flatbed scanned and CS5 Photoshop adjusted to reasonably match...
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    trail redwood log U-turn, Redwoods National Park

    One of the wonderful elements in a redwood rain forest are fallen decaying logs as all manner of other vegetation, ferns, moss, and fungi will grow out of the logs. Here on a trail within Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, part of Redwoods National Park, a trail makes a tight aesthetic U-turn...
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    free downloadable 2010 annual calendar

    2009...30...31... 2010
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    free downloadable 2010 annual calendar

    My 2010 annual calendar is now available for free download at my below website. On the homepage at top right select the sub-page link: Tips, Tools, Information Page ...Free 2010 Calendar Then follow the obvious Chirstmas tree link to the 2010 calendar page. After downloading that file onto...
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    My Free Downloadable Printable 2009 Landscape Calendar

    the last day of 2008 and a whole year of 2009
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    My Free Downloadable Printable 2009 Landscape Calendar

    Each year using Photoshop, I create an annual calendar that I make available on my website below as a marketing tool using a background of one of the images I captured during the current year. For 2008 that happened to be an image I made at dawn with my little Coolpix near Mono Lake. For 2009 it...
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    where puppies peeee

    Hope all of you had a fine Thanksgiving yesterday. Cold turkey sandwiches today with mayo and salt hmmm? Celebrating the opening gong on the holiday season here are a few pics in holiday red and green colors I shot yesterday morning here in the San Francisco Bay area. Twas a grassy...