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    D500+ Nikkor AF-I (Vs) D7200+ Tamron 600mm

    Not familiar with the lenses, but the D500 is a faster, more robust camera than the D7200, which is still a vdry nice body.
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    Best rechargable AA's for flashes?

    Got tired of charging batteries, bought Flashpoint with Li-ion packs. Prior to that, had very good luck with PowerEx
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    What is a budget friendly lighting setup for e-commerce? [Serious answers only]

    I use Speedotron Black Line, more expensive than brown line, but worth every penny. I do production photography for an auction house, and the shot to shot consistency of power and color temperature is amazing. And they are one of the least expensive pack and head systems out there. I have a...
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    TTL or not on monolight (Flashpoint 600)

    My understanding is HSS via TTL and standard HSS work differently. With TTL, the flash pulses a number of lower powered flashes to cover the entire Shutter. with trigger based HSS, it times the flash so that it appears like a continuous light source. I have had betterluck with the latter, as it...
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    Need input on portable power banks

    That sounds kind of like a unicorn to me, although this looks close: GOALZERO
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    Led Studio Lights - Comments

    My entire house is lit by LEDs, and I have the Youngnuo knock off of the Ice Light, which is great in certain situations. Strobes are much more versatile, powerful and consistent, though. I have speed lights for location work, and a Speedotron kit for studio work, and the consistency of the...
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    Power Question

    Watts are volts x amps, my circuits here in the US are all 20 amp, at 120 volts, which means I can pull 2400 watts per circuit, with some caveats. not super familiar with UK wiring, but I would imagine you would be able to support a similar load.
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    I have camera strap problems...

    I have a bin full of retired straps, and none that I completely love. I do like my Spider holster pretty well
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    Buying news lens online?

    The B&H lawsuit does give me pause, but know that Amazon is a pretty awful place to work, too. A small shop like Midwest Photo Supply, or your local retailer, is more likely to treat their employees well.
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    I love my Phottix Mitros+ flashes, great as a single flash, and easy to expand, as it has a built in transceiver.
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    outsourcing clipping to india

    I've used with pretty good results.
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    Product photos of metal objects

    Invest in lots of white and black foam core for flags and reflectors. I shoot a ton of reflective items, and also do a lot of exposure stacking for difficult objects.
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    Adorama Vs. B&H

    I've dealt with both, Adorama seems to have more variety, especially of cheapo off-brand accessories. I did have a bad experience with Adorama when something I ordered was on backorder and they didn't let me know until after I had placed the order.
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    Auto focus V. Manual focus (why)

    The AF on the MK3 is amazing, if you aren't using it, you really aren't using the camera to its full potential. AI Servo is awesome, if your subject moves back and forth a little, or you move the camera even a little, your MF could be off, servo will keep focus locked on, with a great deal of...
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    Flashgun or video light

    I use primarily speedlights, as well as a Photoflex TritonFlash for most of my wedding work, but I do have a small, cheap video light that is very helpful for night photos and when I want a different effect than the flashes. It's also great to add a little light to ring shots. Each tool has its...