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    Coyote pups

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    True Love

    Thank you. It was a fun set. The mother is a barbizon model, my assistant a film student. Everything clicked nicely.
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    The DSLR is obsolete? Oh.

    I got that new iPhone. Its mirrorless and takes the very best pictures ever. ROFL I do want a good mirrorless though. A good tool for a certain task and sure won't replace a 1D
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    Well done
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    True Love

    Eye Are Back Too ~ The end part of light
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    Eye Are Hawsepipe

    After conversion I like this too. With a touch of tone
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    Eye Are Hawsepipe

    OK This one is converted to BW. Pretty much the same but the fiber line in it was colored like the trees in last. Just the nature of IR. Some things reflect it much more than others.
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    How was this bokeh effect achieved?

    To answer the OP original question though. Most of time when making an image such as this I will FLAG out the light source . Flag can be as simple as your hand partly into the frame. If you point directly into a light source there will be effect like this. Simple as putting a light source into...
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    How was this bokeh effect achieved?

    Thats a mix. Flare and out of focus light. The lens has a very round iris as well.
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    3 sheep and a Turnip mound

    This made me smile.
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    Eye Are Hawsepipe

    Well if you consider basic processing treatment then yes. By basic I mean only exposure rotation cropping saturation ect. No photoshopping per say. I guess to be technical I should have run this Infrared image through a BW conversion to be in the BW gallery. Oooops:bek181:
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    Eye Are Hawsepipe

    No treatment it is as shot. Hot glass removed from sensor and deep red filter in its place (Life Pixel conversion) . Some slight processing to shadows
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    Eye Are Hawsepipe

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    Do Clients Always Want More?

    I hit the delete on most test shots, Why keep them? Did not have that luxury in the ole days (film). To me a high quality shot of what I have envisioned is a done deal the rest go by-by
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    Night shot of Mission Viejo Lake

    Uhhh what is LENR? Nice nite shot though.