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    Running Water.

    I think they are awesome
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    Octoberfest Pic

    Most people had liter Stiens, that is a 5 liter Stien.
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    Any recomended books?

    Are there any recomended books that I should read being new to photography? I was just wondering if there was any "holy grail" of photo books that I need to read to get me going.
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    I'm new so CC please

    I didn't know there was only 2 kinds of photos, I just thought they looked neat.
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    I'm new so CC please

    My work knife.
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    Octoberfest Pic

    A couple of buddies at Octoberfest
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    Unable to post photos, please help

    ATX, you rock. Thanks
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    for the pit bull fans;

    I'll play, this is Turkish, hes a Tan American Pit/Yellow Lab mix.
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    Unable to post photos, please help

    I created a flickr account and I don't know how to post photos. When I try it just comes up as a link. What am I doing wrong? Should I use something other than flickr? If any one can give me a step by step on how to post photos using flickr it would be great. Thanks in advance. -Dan
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    New guy here

    Hey all, I'm Dan and I'm new here. I'm kind of new to photography and I'm terrible with computers. How do I get started posting my photos? Thanks in advance. -Dan