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    A few snaps from our cottage

    Love the view. :drool:
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    Toddler portrait tips?

    Definitely NO swimsuits !!!
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    March Owl - C&C welcom

    Thanks Steve and Valya. Steve I agree, could have benefited with a longer lens. But I guess you make do with what you got at the given time.
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    Bush life

    Thanks for the likes and comment. Much appreciated.
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    March Owl - C&C welcom

    Please let me know if this works.
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    Should I charge for this?

    Compaq have a look @ this article hope it helps
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    How to compliment my fiancé?

    Whats your flavor natural light / Flash ? as for poses 4 men, this and this should get you started.
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    Bush life

    Hi, My first post and I thought I would post some images taken from the bush. Image above is a pano composing of 16 portrait images. (The hot air-balloon dose look like a speck of dust but when viewed @ 100 you can make out what it is. This image is huge taken with a D800) We came across...