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    why won't film just die already?!

    Backups are critical. Even my film negatives are ultimate backups of their scans. It might be best to keep some things as TIFFs or similar.
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    why won't film just die already?!

    If you've never printed an image through an enlarger, then put that exposed paper through the chemical process to finish it, you've got an incredible experience ahead of you. Watching, using a safelight, the image come up in the developer, and smelling that fixer, is wonderful.
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    Focus foibles

    Yes, and I'm sure you're right about the past-infinity.
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    Focus foibles

    During the Albuquerque Balloon Festival last Saturday, I went to the top of Sandia Peak at night, with a D90, a Nikon 70-300mm f/4-5.6G lens dating around 10 years ago, and a new heavy tripod. Temperature was around 21F, wind was light. I used a remote trigger for everything. While I missed...
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    Craftsman on inspection

    I really like this shot, especially with the shadow. Is it a ghost of EST Past? Is it a Mad Doctor? Who can tell, who can tell! :-)
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    Need help in choosing a camera brand (newbie photographer)

    The following is all in my humble opinion. And this is only my second post on this forum, so if I step on toes, please cut me some slack. I'm not looking to stir up any religious wars. Canon has a better lens selection than Nikon. This won't be an immediate problem, but it might be later...
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    Tripod Recommendations

    My previous Slik lasted me over 25 years before the center column's gears became stripped. I've just ordered your recommendation (no gears to strip!) with a Slik SLAF2100 AF-2100 Pistol Grip Head, which makes me drool a little. Thank you very much, if anyone's still paying attention to this...