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    Purchase CS5 now or wait for CS6?

    This year does seem to be a good upgrade year. I stopped at CS3 because everything I do in photography I was able to handle in CS3. But I just read that Adobe will be offering special upgrade pricing for CS3 and CS4 users who upgrade to CS6 when its released, and this special pricing will be in...
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    My 5x7 and 8x10 pinhole cameras, plus photo

    Hi, Kris: I didn't make the camera, my cabinet maker did, and I'm no longer in contact with him, but I believe the body is made of inexpensive wood (plywood?) and then covered with a mahogany veneer and finished natural. The front is a more exotic veneer, not sure what, but it looks cool. The...
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    Is CS3 compatible with 64 bit and Windows 7?

    I love PhotoShop CS3 and don't really need to upgrade to CS5, but I'm considering upgrading to Windows 7 and 64 bit computing. Will my CS3 work well with the new system? I've heard conflicting reports on this. Adobe says yes, others say they've had problems. Any experience with it? Also, my...
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    Epson Artisan 50 printer?

    Can the Epson Artisan 50 inkjet printer take thick papers, such as 240, 285, and 300 gm weight? I have an Epson R2400 for serious work, but it can be fussy with heavyweight textured papers. I also have an old Epson 960 that works great with the thicker textured papers, but it's so old it's...
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    Classroom Shot

    Very cool, Dale. Can you show us a picture of your camera with an explanation of how you made it and the photograph? Others might want to do the same. The world of pinhole is a strange and wonderful world.
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    6-month exposure

    Cloudwalker: I may have scanned a print or two, but I routinely scan negatives on my Epson Perfection V750 Pro scanner. This is a high quality flat bed scanner that does both reflective art and negatives. Epson provides various neg holders, and also a way to scan large format negatives via a wet...
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    6-month exposure

    I too made a funky pinhole camera out of an 8x8 inch cardboard box, sprayed flat black inside and punched with a tiny nail for the pinhole, then covered by black tape. I loaded an 8x10 piece of sheet film in the back, just curved it against the back, then sealed everything up with black tape and...
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    6-month exposure

    I believe that "reciprocity failure" really only refers to exposure accuracy for shorter exposure times. For example, you can be accurate at 1 second exposure, but maybe not at 5 seconds. No need to worry about 6 months. If you're off by a few weeks, so what, but you'd need really slow film for...
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    What are best 220 developing reels?

    Can you recommend good 220 developing reels, and where to get them? I've long developed 120 on stainless reels, but I've been wanting to shoot some 220 in my Pentax 67 and my reels only take 120. I suppose I could go with plastic, too. Just want to make sure I don't buy junk. Thanks.
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    What are best 220 developing reels?

    Anybody here with 220 experience who can recommend the best developing reels? And where to get them? I've long developed 120 bw film on stainless reels, but I've been wanting to shoot 220 in my Pentax 67, in order to get more shots on a roll, and to cut down developing time. My reels only take...
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    Advice and C&C

    Post again when you get the new shots. Also, the exact same setup will work well for portraits. Keep in mind, depending on the size of your window and overall room brightness, some light will probably hit the backdrop, making it a little lighter than its color. Good luck!
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    Advice and C&C

    First, turn off your camera flash. You can hang a large black cloth (buy a few yards of cheap fabric at fabric store and iron it) and then photograph these lovely creations with window light. Place each one on a little table in front of the window, the window light will be a side light, your...
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    Daughter's Dance Portraits

    Nice work! And what a lovely little girl. In #3 she's especially "bursting with charm!" The only thing I would say about that portrait is it might have benefited from slightly less contrast, and the eye and shadows on the left side not being quite so dark (an easy fix). But a hugely successful...
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    Sad Little Girl

    Hey, guys. Thanks for your comments. And bDavis, regarding the bit of softness, the lighting is heavily diffused, I used a portrait lens, and I blurred much of the picture in PhotoShop, then erased the blurring on the face. The 12x16 print has a very lovely, old-fashioned quality to it. And...
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    New HDR

    Very nice. I like it a lot -- halos and all. I think if you could get that neon green shore a little closer to natural color, you'd have a winner. That's the only thing that spoils it.