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    found a rum smuggling cave in San Diego

    Pretty cool shots. I used to work at a big Estate in Sands Point,NY that a pirate had supposedly buried his treasure in the 1700's. It was funny because we would basically fight each other if a hole had to be dug outside. Never did find anything.
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    Am I looking for a closeup or a macro lens?

    60mm Nikon FTW!
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    Nikon 18-70

    It is a good lens. If you look you can sometimes pick it up even cheaper.
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    Girl With A Camera in Michigan

    You had me at "nikon girl":mrgreen: Welcome
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    Looking for fisheye

    Go used and look. It is an item people buy and then realize they don't have a use for or don't like, If I had an 18-200 I would look into getting a prime lens but that is what I like.
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    Female Grosbeak, Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting

    Bunting is extra cool.
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    Loading Logs

    I like them. Is that in Terrace, BC?
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    Garden birds

    Nice series
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    Looks great!!
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    Emirates A380

    Cool, These fly over work some days and I just have to gawk at them.
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    Enchanted Forest

    Color edit FTW
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    More Hawaii

    #3 is my favorite
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    Axer Lens = Scam / Ripoff . Run Quick! Friend Ripped Off

    Not only would I tell her but I would offer to go with her to return it.
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    Nikon 105 macro. Better for action than you might think

    Your right. The 105mm is good for more than macro