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    Houston, we found The Tower

    Thank you :Hail.sml:
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    Houston, we found The Tower

    Houston, we found The Tower by Bulevardi, on Flickr Breaking News! Authorities tried to destroy the evidence... but researchers provided new data... Watertowers have been found in space. I have to admit... it's a collage, made in Gimp ;) I shot the watertower back in 2020, right here and here...
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    Persian Pearl

    Persian Pearl or Eastern Star. Stay hard, Goggins 😉💪 by Bulevardi, on Flickr
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    A penny for her thoughts……

    Very well done :)
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    Wonderful !
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    Jihane by Bulevardi, on Flickr It's pretty unusual for me to get offered a free cup of coffee on a monday morning in Brussels, and drink it with a wonderful lady like the one above! Still can't believe I was in that situation :) She asked me for more photoshoots later on this year, but I'm such...
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    TGV InOui

    TGV InOui by Bulevardi, on Flickr In Brussels Midi station, last sunday. :)
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    RawTherapee bug?

    Strange, never had that before in Rawtherapee. I never ran it under Windows though... maybe try in a more stable environment, like Linux?
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    Goat Island Lighthouse

    Awesome shots ! Wonderful colours, subjects and compositions. More of this.
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    Let me introduce myself ...

    Welcome on The Photo Forum, ntz !! 💋
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    Just straighten your screen and you'll be fine ;)
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    Water Towers!

    Watertower by Bulevardi, on Flickr
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    Watertower by Bulevardi, on Flickr
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    Do you believe in special powers you can't control?

    Why can't some things just be 'coincidences'? Why do they have to be psychologically explained? Not everything that happens externally, in the outside world, should be explained as an internal thing that is only happening in your brain. For example, together with a friend you're heading to a...
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    Summer in the city, beneath a swamp oak :)

    Yeah I know, maybe ... I was on Flickr before... and then I moved to Instagram couple of years ago and from that time I didn't want to have multiple 'formats' per photo. A photo that suits this medium, and that medium, and this social platform and so on... to end up with a full harddrive...