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    Anyone still use those old Nikon Film Cameras from the 80's

    Absolutely! This was shot two weeks ago with my FE2 (purchased new in '86) and Tokina 35-105 3.5-4.5 on Fujichrome Velvia 100. I LOVE FILM!
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    Azalea Hillside, Middleton Place, South Carolina

    Nikon FE2, Tokina 35-105 zoom, Fujichrome Velvia 100
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    Sunrise over Charleston Harbor

    Land and tower cropped out. I see the dark halo, but am clueless about "feathering". Thanks for the suggestions. I do prefer this one.
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    Sunrise over Charleston Harbor

    Right. No watertower in 1861. ;-)
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    Sunrise over Charleston Harbor

    Today is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. It commenced with the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. The sunrise on that fateful day might have looked a lot like this one.
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    Nikon FG with dim LEDs in VF

    I have an FG (in fact I was just shooting with it yesterday), but I've never run into that problem. Maybe a bad connection somewhere. If you want to try having it repaired, I've had good results from these guys: Camera repair and used cameras by; New York and New Jersey's...
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    What to get first....

    By all means get the 50 1.4D if you can at that price. As you know, it's an excellent lens. You'll have to focus it manually with the D40, but since you're planning to upgrade at some point to a body with internal focusing, it's not a big deal.
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    Nikon d3000 problems

    Not true. There's no reason that your friend would lie, but that does not mean he can't be wrong. I have heard of no such issues, and find it hard to believe that a company with Nikon's reputation would market a camera, entry-level or not, with known technical flaws. From personal experience...
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    Final Resting Place

    Nice shot, but the pinkish hue spoils it for me. Very distracting.
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    Advice on Nikon d7000

    You might want to check out this 17-50 lens from Tamron. I have the earlier (non-vibration control) version and it is excellent for the price. A very nice zoom range for DX format and 2.8 aperture throughout. Tamron AF 17-50mm F/2.8 SP XR Di II VC (Vibration Compensation) Zoom Lens...
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    Broken lens... worth repair?

    $580 sounds utterly ridiculous! Get another estimate.
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    Suggestions on camera settings Nikon D5000

    If you could post a photo an example of what you're calling "washed out", it would be helpful. What time are you going to be at the garden? The best light for photography is early and late in the day. Midday sunlight generally gives less satisfactory results on a sunny day. Your camera's...
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    NIKON FE + Nikon 50mm1.8 G + Epson V500

    Very good results from an inexpensive scanner. Have you tried color negs or transparencies yet?
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    Arthur Ravenel Bridge | Charleston, SC

    I really like the shot and unconventional composition. That's my hometown! Check out my "Plantation Road" image from Drayton Hall posted a week ago in this section. dd