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    Fed up with this

    You can hang up after 20 seconds, not 20 minutes though :wink:
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    Should I buy anymore DX lenses?

    I don't see why Nikon would stop using DX at least for entry level, but also for prosumer cameras. By keeping DX and DX lenses around there is a greater potential for selling more stuff. People start out buying DX, and then when they want to move up the ladder they switch to FX and buy all new...
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    Big ticket telephoto decision

    If you shoot at dusk or dawn, one extra stop means that you can shoot earlier or later than you could with one stop less. I do agree however that f4 would do the job most of the time, and you would probably stop down a bit anyway to gain DOF when you have enough light. But although you dont...
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    Big ticket telephoto decision

    I have no experience with Canon lenses, but I do have experience with similar lenses from Nikon. For shooting wildlife at dusk or dawn, I would choose an extra stop over the extra 100mm. That one stop could mean getting a sharp image over a blurry one. IS/VR is nice, but it's not gonna help you...
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    Pricing for website photos

    Being that you already made them an offer, you could also just reply and ask them what their budget is then. Except giving a little discount like Jim H suggests, there is no point in trying to guess what they are willing to pay. Let them make an offer to you instead, and then you can simply...
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    Go for it! If it fails, you can always go back to a boring sales job and safe pay to get your head above water again. Photography has been my primary source of income since I was 18, and I had my share of struggling, but I'm getting to a point now where the balance between income and hours...
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    What size len should i use?

    Like Big Mike said, you have the range from 18 to 300 mm to play with. Use those two lenses for now and find out what focal lengths you like. You can always read the Exif data from your images to look back at what focal lengths you use the most. Then you can consider getting some better lenses...
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    70-200 2.8 VR

    Really? I though NC was just a clear filter without UV filtering made simply for protection.
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    Bit of an odd question...

    Public place or not, there is a difference between taking photos of a street scene where a homeless happens to be in it, and frame up a close up of a homeless (or any other person) with a telephoto lens from a distance. If you do that you are taking pictures of the person, not the public place...
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    Bit of an odd question...

    Taking the risk is part of the job. If you want to be a war photographer you have to go to a war zone. And if you want to do pictures of homeless you have to approach them. If you don't want to live with these risks, then you should simply choose a different field of photography. Also, how...
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    Bit of an odd question...

    Ask yourself this: If you were homeless on the street and spotted a photographer. Would you rather have the photographer walk up to you and ask you how you would feel about him taking pictures, or just have him shooting from a distance without asking? To me the answer is pretty obvious, and...
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    Scan Resolution For Old Slides, Negatives

    You're welcome! The software will recognize every single frame from your strips of film or mounted slides and save them as individual files. So there is no need to split up the images as each frame will be a separate image from the start. The software will also let you set a prefix for the...
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    Scan Resolution For Old Slides, Negatives

    Im in pretty much the same situation as you. Im right now scanning all my old negs and slides. I use a Canon 8400F flatbed scanner, scanning all my snapshots at 1600 dpi, which gives me 1520x2280 px, or equivalent to 3,5 megapixels. I save directly as jpg files from the scanner software which...
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    Software for batch processing Exif data

    Hi, I'm looking for a program to batch process Exif data as simple as possible. I have lots of scanned images that I want to organize with correct shooting dates and keywords and so on. Any suggestions?
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    Accurate Representation

    I would not skip the grey card and "just adjust it with curves". Unless you have a reference you will have a hard time getting the colors accurate. A grey card will help you both with setting the exposure correct and give you a reference for white balance when you are editing your raw images.