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    Lost Birds Of The Desert

    I posted some shots of White Pelicans on another thread when they were migrating though and they are indeed enormous, fascinating birds! And your shots are excellent. Lee
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    Texas Longhorn

    That is fascinating. I still think it was the winter (and one old cow,) but if I can find the place again I'll try and see if it looks like they could get access to acorns under some oaks. If so, I'll mention it to the rancher.
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    Texas Longhorn

    Well, oaks are very common here, so yes there are a lot of acorns. Whether these cattle had access to them, I don't know.
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    Texas Longhorn

    This is a report from the University of Kentucky on Kentucky cattle. Kentucky is south of here and thus had a slightly milder winter. I might add that there were several calves I saw in this small herd. "Most winters take a toll on cattle, but this winter has been tougher than most...
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    Texas Longhorn

    Do you want me to try and get the address for you? Lee
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    Texas Longhorn

    Below are a couple more shots. I spent over a year in west Texas courtesy of Uncle Sam and saw many longhorns not near as healthy as those below. And I see many cattle around here pastured on land not nearly as lush as the below. I do not know the rancher. He stopped by as I was shooting and...
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    Indian Pariah Super Dogs

    Ah, we're all suckers for doggie shots! And these are all good, but #3 is a hoot! Lee
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    Swallow BIF, sort of a techinque

    Very interesting and informative, Danny. I admire your dedication and patience. Lee
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    Texas Longhorn

    I don't believe they get that skinny from a long winter. That looks more like neglect. Dagwood56, Virgil, Raj_55555 and 1 others like this. ===== I know little of cattle, but I don't think there was...
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    Texas Longhorn

    That particular one looked especially emaciated. Could be old? Here is a shot of some of the others that look healthier, but they all were thin.
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    Texas Longhorn

    I'm pushing the envelope as far as wildlife I suppose, but thought these might be of interest. The Texas Longhorn is a direct descendant of cattle brought to the New World by Columbus in 1493. Lee You can tell from her ribs it was a long, hard winter, but with the lush grass she'll soon...
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    FINALLY!!!! Introducing Great Horned Owl And Owlets

    Super stuff! I also never see an owl. Perhaps we ought to form a support group! Lee
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    Hippity And Hoppity

    A+ & WOW! Tell her that any time she wishes to make a fool out of me, she is welcome to do so! :lol: Lee
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    Some of my nature/outdoor shots *PLEASE NO SERIOUS CRITIQUE*

    Welcome to the forum! I agree with the other comments and think you would be wise to reconsider your attitude towards critique and editing. I am a total amateur when it comes to photography. I have learned much from criticism and letting others edit my shots. You can see this in my recent...
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    This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Birds

    Gorgeous little bird, Jason. And your shooting just gets better and better! Lee