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    Deer tracks in the snow

    Thanks! Good freeback.
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    Sunset through the trees - Suffolk England

    On a recent trip to England, I was driving down a country road when I spotted the sun about to set behind some trees. I finally found a spot to pull over and after negotiating a very prickly hedge row made my was into a farmers field and was lucky enough to witness a beautiful sunset...
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    A hawk came for lunch in our back yard

    Not long ago a a hawk landed in our back yard. It had caught some small animal of bird and was having lunch (poor creature but that is nature). I went out after it was finished and the hawk had devoured it so completely that I couldn't even tell where it was eating. There was nothing left. 1...
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    Castle Mountain and Moraine Lake Alberta

    Castle Mountain is near to Lake Louise on the Trans Canada Highway (TCH) north west of Banff. Moraine Lake is quite near to Lake Louise but at a higher elevation. These are pictures of Castle Mountain from a spot to pull over on the TCH. The sun was constantly coming and going that...
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    Incredible Lighting at Lake Louise Alberta

    Thank you. I hope you make it. It is truly an amazingly beautiful place.
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    Incredible Lighting at Lake Louise Alberta

    We went to Lake Louise this week and were treated to the most amazing lighting of the lake I have ever seen. It was a constantly changing mix of clouds, sun and rain all within about 1.5 hours. This is where you can rent canoes to tour the lake. It was a busy day but not...
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    Steep Rock, Manitoba

    Neat! Is that on Lake Winnipeg or Lake Manitoba?
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    Foothills and Rocky Mountians South West of Calgary

    We went to a farmers market at Millarville which is about 30 minutes southwest of Calgary. On the way back to Calgary, we took a small country road and stopped to look west at the fields, foothills and Rocky Mountains. and of course take a few pictures.
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    Pinawa and the Seven Sisters Power Station in Manitoba

    Thanks! Good idea and done. :D
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    Pinawa and the Seven Sisters Power Station in Manitoba

    These shots were taken in Pinawa and at the Seven Sisters Power Station on the Winnipeg River in Manitoba last weekend. Pinawa was the site of a test nuclear reactor and I believe it is now being used to store nuclear waste. Pinawa is at the western edge of the Precambrian Shield. the...
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    Brilliant Sunshine on Newly Fallen Snow - Pinawa, Manitoba

    There had been very little snow until the end of Dec and then about 14 inches fell overnight. It was no fun shoveling it but with the brilliant sunshine and shadows, it provided plenty of opportunity for pictures. 1. Until around noon, the only things moving were 4 X 4's 2. The snow...
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    Golden Sunset on Fresh Snow Pinawa, Manitoba

    Overnight, on the day of the hoarfrost, a snow storm went through and dropped about 14 inches of snow on southern Manitoba. While inconvenient for a little while (Manitoban's are not fazed by these - they are a hearty bunch) it did provide a wonderful opportunity later that day as the sun set...
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    Hoarfrost on a beautiful morning in Pinawa, Manitoba

    I think it would have been more dramatic if the sky was clear but the cloudy sky lent an ethereal touch to the day.
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    Feeding Deer up Close

    On a recent visit to Pinawa, Manitoba, which is about 120 km east north east of Winnipeg, we had the opportunity to feed some of the many deer that are in and around the town. There are many deer there and while not tame, they have become used to people. We arrived just before a large snow...
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    Water, Ice and Rocks in Fish Creek Park in Calgary on Christmas Day

    Thanks to all for the comments. I do not profess to understand the complexities of the climate and if global warming is real but we too have been warm for the most part for a few years. It was +7C on Christmas day and most of the first week of Jan will be near or above the freezing point...