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    Looking for a P&S to compliment my D300.

    My D300 is at Nikon getting fixed for the next few week. So I thought this was the perfect time to buy that advanced point and shoot that I've been thinking about lately. My main concerns are image quality and raw. I don't need a ton of zoom. I'd also like it to be built fairy well. I'm rough...
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    Personal Web Site Image Hosting???

    Like this one. This is the pro account on smugmug. It a work in progress but easy to put together.
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    Putting together a darkroom.

    I got everything, trailer, enlarger, paper, chemicals, ect..ect..for $25.
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    I'm a bit late to the game but don't forget about the olympus xa. It's a killer rangefinder. I carry it everywhere. It's about half the weight and size of the more robust canonet 17. I have both but prefer the XA, I swear the canonet feels like it weighs as much as my D300.
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    New Mexico Subaru's.......

    subaru's rock. I dig the forester pics.
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    Nikon D80 for sale.

    How could it matter? What possible way could my reasons for selling it effect the sale? It's a moot point anyways, I sold it on Craigs list a few hours ago. Now I can get that kidney.
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    Nikon D80 for sale.

    To pay for a new kidney...does it matter?
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    Putting together a darkroom.

    My neighbors aren't happy, there trying to sell their house and said my trailer looks like a meth lab!
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    I got published in the small town paper

    Fantastic! Soon you be at the NY Times.
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    if you were the last person in the world...

    I'd be sad. It's no fun to be alone all the time.
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    Putting together a darkroom.

    You can buy it off me when I move back to AZ.
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    Putting together a darkroom.

    I bought the darkroom off craigs list for 25$. Just starting to get it all set up today. Lots of cleaning to do.
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    A walk by the sea.

    Everyones on spring break I guess.
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    A walk by the sea.

    I thought the person in #2 really brought the photo together. Nice to hear another persons view on it.