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    Wide angled lenses?

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    Morning has broken

    Hi Guys, Captured this beautiful sunrise at the weekend what do you think??
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    Is this any better......
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    Hi guys what do you reckon on this...please be kind as i was up early to catch it and im getting ratty!! :grumpy:
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    1st Portrait

    Right never tried this before normally i like to do landscapes but i managed to twist my girlfriends arm to let me take a few snaps of her. I played around on photoshop a little just to take out the harsh let me know what you guys reckon...
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    The New Canon 30D

    Excellent. Well youve just helped me make my mind up, a 30d it is, cheers guys!!:mrgreen:
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    New filters now in use

    I bought my new cokin filters on ebay last month and finally got out to use them last month and this is the result.....cant believe i left it so long to buy them!!! check it out.....
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    The New Canon 30D

    Im looking to upgrade shortly and ive been looking at the canon 30d....has anyone out there got one already if so are they any better than the 20d?? Im using a 350d at the moment but its starting to feel abit small and thats the only reason im looking to ungrade really, is there much of a jump...
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    Another Beautiful Morning

    Hi Everyone, I was lucky enough to capture this sunrise at the weekend, isnt it great summers on its way!! Hope you like
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    Lanscapes and sunsets

    Welcome welcome and well done on some great shots!
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    Sunset pics

    First one has a great reflection!
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    Stormy sunset at the tracks

    Wow i rate the first one....i think the tree is silouetted fanastically!
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    Stormy Seas B&W

    its a good one and white rules for impact!